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KCRW has the latest Alexander Salazar is accused of sexually abusing a minor back in the nineteen nineties until now he served as an auxiliary Bishop for the archdiocese of Los Angeles the same archdiocese that knew about this accusation for well over a decade LA archbishop Jose Gomez said in a statement that Salazar has consistently denied any wrongdoing. Even so he said local law enforcement investigated the alleged molestation back in two thousand and two. And ultimately, the LA county district attorney's office decided not to prosecute Salazar's resignation punctuates a trying year for pope Francis. Who's seen the churches infamous sex abuse scandal resurface in the US for NPR news? I'm Benjamin Gottlieb in Los Angeles. In his farewell address to congress today. House speaker Paul Ryan says he's upset about the state of what he calls barracas broken politics. They Wisconsin Republican says he's grateful for his two decades in congress where he helped to prove the biggest tax cuts in decades last year and boosted defense spending. Ryan never mentioned President Trump. But denounced the fact that as he put it outrage has become a brand he says, no matter how the border wall battle is resolved the system needs major reform. We are again locked in another short-term battle over one aspect of this issue. And no matter what the outcome is in the coming days. The larger problem will remain the system will be in need of serious reform in no less than our full potential as a nation. Here is at stake for years Ryan pushed for broad immigration overhauls that many conservatives opposed as going too far stocks finished lower on Wall Street giving up an early rally as investors reacted to the Fed's latest interest rate plans. This is. NPR in this case E R w at five thirty two. Good evening. I'm Steve take is. Here's what you need to know. Right now bail is set today at eighty thousand dollars for an Orange County physician accused of illegally distributing opioids, including some prescribed to a man charged with running over and killing an off-duty Costa Mesa fire captain riding his bicycle in mission. Viejo fifty seven year old doctor on femme was arrested on Tuesday on two counts of illegally distributing oxycodones. That's according to the US attorney's office. Federal authorities said Pham would prescribe drugs to people he never examined five of whom received prescriptions from Pham died of overdoses and during an appearance today at a federal courtroom in Santa Ana foam, waived his right to a preliminary hearing with prosecutors indicating that they intend to present that case to a grand jury and have him indicted a post indictment arraignment is set for next month the drugs prescribed by the doctor may have also ended up in the hands of the man who opened fire at the borderline bar and grill in thousand. Oaks last month is well, it's been a year since the launch of the metoo movement that helps shine a spotlight on sexual misconduct in Hollywood. And during that time a lot of entertainment companies took steps to clarify or even beef up anti harassment policies. Well, let's KCRW Sherry Glaser explains. Now, the pushes on to protect some of the most vulnerable workers intensive town. The goal is to protect freelance workers from sexual harassment and bias everyone from directors to riders to crew a group called the Hollywood commission on eliminating sexual harassment and advancing equality or the Anita hill commission for short says it's got an idea for how to do that. It's going to develop a comprehensive system, including a code of conduct an anti bias training program and ways of reporting in resolving bias claims many companies and unions already have these kinds of systems in place. But the commission says thousands of freelancers are not covered by these corporate programs sag after tells deadline Hollywood it supports the proposal..

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