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Of the people, including myself listening to you is is is your spirit your spirit doesn't sound like somebody that's talking about end of life. And it's you you just sound so full of life. To believe decision. It is one of my most couch in it. Crusades, and if I had energy beyond what just taking living. I would volunteer to help people, and I would not crusade in crazy way. Like, let's let's let everybody take their lives. It's not like that at all. Just you and what you want. And but it kind of bothers me that you have to leave the continent to to get it done. I mean. You bet you really bothers me. And and bothers me for everyone else to. Does something I was going to say, you know, old time and everyone should be able to take their life when they're ready. I know it's a gift and some people think it's the easy way out of you're wasting your guest and leading your family behind the cancer. That's okay for some people to take their lives at the terminal illness. Right. Let go and the person dies. Really? The oldest like mine and many other invisible illnesses game you out eighty Jennifer Lea the people close to push back when you talk about this. No, not at all. I'm in my right mind. I've been like this. No. I know what? I mean, they wanna lose you. I mean, I I've only known you seven minutes, and I don't wanna lose you. My family is completely supportive. Everyone understands if this is not something new, and I've maintained my loose city. And my my Tanner the whole time, and it's not it's not something that I get wheeled. You're out of control with having a bad day. It's it's consistent. And you know, I'd like to live if I were in pain. Does it wake you up at night the pain when you're sleeping? Oh, yeah. And I can tell you this. I'm not going to commit suicide without the condonement of physician assisted suicide. I will never do that. I won't do that. Because one it's undignified. Pew. It's very scary. You how much courage it takes to do that. It's a horrible dark place to go by yourself to do that. I want people by my side that are supporting me when I go you are an amazing person. And I know that and I'm such a freaking optimist, and I always want to want to fix everybody. It's I know this must be the feeling that some of your friends have is like we we want you to keep looking. And I know you probably still are. That's why my my emails chip chip, Franklin dot com. If you've just indulge me in case, somebody listening knows something about this. Maybe that is, you know, the the it's it's exponential research into, you know, just just the the anti inflammatory diseases everything from Alzheimer's to to cancer itself, all about inflammation. I'm sure inflammation is a part of your pain. You know, it is an I take Lodo Snell trucks, and it's helped a lot. It's one it's a very well, tolerated drug and a lot of pain specialists use it that a lot of. General practitioners physicians don't know about it. Low dose naltrexone is is wonderful to anti inflammatory. And if it's tolerable a lot of people get benefits, and it's helped me through and I own Galvin Panton. I take a lot of things trust me..

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