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Later, Fleishman got a peculiar message from YouTube, not a takedown, but a notice that a publisher had claimed rights to the song. They really need their 15 cents from, You know, this 95 year old song if it was still under copyright, Fleischman was able to point out the mistake to YouTube. But he says there's still a chilling effect. Even big players will sometimes pay a licensing fee for a public domain work rather than deal with confusion or legal hassles. So it may be a few more years before we see somebody rewriting Mrs Dalloway or Tic Tac two letters trying Buster Keaton stunts. But, says Jennifer Jenkins, the door is open to borrow a line from the Great Gatsby. We now we'll all have a green light to use one more year of our rich cultural past without permission or fee. And all of these works they teach us about ourselves. We gain insights into place We've never been people will never be times we've never seen and that in itself feeds creativity. Petra Mayer NPR news This is NPR news. On KCRW. Good morning, 11 minutes now before nine o'clock I'm for right today to this week on our body politick. Batallion. Conde tells us how to make an annual ritual of visioning our future. The emotional labor that is involved in stepping towards your future is.

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