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And i think this trend probably will continue because the fake news controversy touches social much more than it does gugel necessarily a direct correlation that we've seen between facebook and fake news and unfortunately the minute that there's a headline that connects those two it sticks in your brain and we have not seen a headline necessarily that is google plus facebook or i mean google plus fake news so that's kind of left them in the clear at least in our brains the other they're not a victim of their own except when it comes to group work with us bhutto though not not a hell of a lot of traffic going across as compared to facebook okay let's talk about snap you mentioned snap a second ago and their accomplice stories coming out of their first of all kelly jenner speaks and apparently investors or people or somebody listen because snaps shares dropped yesterday dramatically after she called the site sad like all does anybody got to snap anymore and then did with the my first love or whatever she said and but then on the other side while that stock is dropping this headline comes out about snap ceo getting a bush zillion dollar bonus last year yeah well look or with the tweet that heard round the right because i look i you looked about four minutes ago is still down shares of map or under pressure again today no so when we probably tweeted so does anyone else not open snapchat any more or is it just to me uh get this is so sad no hashtags in there and it went down seven point two percent right then that wiped out one point seven billion dollars of market capitalization for snap right there and it that closed at six point one percent down in still under pressure this morning uh but she did she did tweet out.

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