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Where they came from. Yeah, I don't know. They're from promotion. It makes sense. I guess, by look it it's. No Arja tars from Japan on a map, you know, it's so funny kids, as we actually we both scratch, our decks, when we do that voice, you can't even see it, where rose. I'd say. But it was when she did the six one nine I was like that was the best cleanest Crispus six nine I've ever fucking seen in my life. Like it's, it's just we'll raise heads of an e problems. Okay. Even when Ray was in his prime, there's still some wonk to it where like her. It was like if you took like like a like one of those balancing things with, like the little air bubble in the middle. You see next next to the someday funny. I've got the hammer and the, the balancer like when you're hanging a picture, or something level, a leveler, if you put that on her leg when she came like it would have been is totally level. I was just knocked fucking outlets like when she does that fucking moon salt. You're just like this is incredible. Yeah. You know. Like, when when we went and saw king crimson, and Adrian blue was sitting at chair, like a action figure would with no bend of the knee. Twenty minutes, then we turn to which will I thought you like these guys know I said, I don't think there's enough marijuana on the planet to make me get into this more more dudes wrestling show in here all sitting on the fucking ends on their hands. Watching three drum sets a bunch of Buchan noodling. South funny now for us, if you're big Chris king crimson fan. That's fine too. Yeah. I can see why people are into it. But it's so funny like Jethro toe was like I was because I when I got these tickets man, and you're like, oh, cool. Cool. I'm like, oh, I didn't know right? I'm open anything. But yeah, man e oh yo, yo, and I love Kansas. Get involved in psych. Okay. Seems like we're headed for big six woman tag. Yeah, I liked that. There was just a standalone takeover. I'm always I'm always game for takeover because they're always fucking good. I tell you the same thing happens to me, every time I watch takeover. I'm like, okay, this is this is where I jump back into watching it every week. And then I can't even keep it's so funny. When people like oh, you gotta watch not even wrestling, the like, oh, you gotta watch this show. You gotta watch that show. Mike annex t u k I'm like, I don't have time for watching the shit, but I do want to see are you saying, you don't wanna go wrong, but you wanna stay home and watch three hours or something else. I'll go to rods. It's the golden to staff and grounds. Is it? Yeah. Oh man. The stomping ground many signs you bring in seven Jack Lanza is God. What are you going to do? What do you put on there? You can't fuck up a cheeseburger, Jack Lanza. Just quotes the quotes. I'd rather suck turtles on the Johnny Carson. Josh, I'd rather suck turtles dick on the Johnny Carson show. Then go drink with you. Big time. Oh damn. I, I. I'm now considering bringing sign that just says, double meat double cheese. Where are we setting? We sit where we always sit man. You know, the seats I like oh, good. And hopefully this time Bill talk you into getting one of those Rome, invests finally get one of those don't have my size man. Well, maybe this time they will..

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