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County finally grew up and stepped up and did something that I never thought. He'd do during the season that matter of fact I thought that four and twelve and he'd still. Be The head coach because he gained so much power after twenty, four, three loss through remember Aaron Wilson came on here and I asked him. Well is this going to affect Bill O'Brien. Future Goes Sean. He's going through an extension that's what he said and I'll be damned two days later, Bill? O'Brien did not only that he was he was named general manager you can't do both. I'm a bed count, McNair? Please do not hire guy who comes in here and gives you the ultimatum I want to be the head coach general manager. If he says that get him out of the interview radiantly escort him to the door and say you're not for us because you will not be successful given somebody that much power because the only dude you can pull that. Off Resides in New England, you ain't get him. That's one two is you gotta look long and hard and I spent a longtime stayed up late last night looking through this and Jack Easterby credentials and what he brings listen I'm telling you right now I'm staying away from the New England Patriots period I would love them to not be New England south. I'm tired of it listen Bella checks the best coach ever. His the people that leave bill for whatever reason whether it's a bill whether we realize bills got his hand in more than we can imagine because they're winning because he coaches linebackers wide receivers quarterback that he's that good and then he and he's got an eye for talent that the other guys leave him don't that doesn't mean Scott. He wasn't good but Scott wouldn't have been near as good without billy. He wasn't when he went to Kansas City. If you guys remember he wasn't as good and that Scott was very good with Bela check because belichick understands talent understand salary-cap understands it all, and then understands coach Andy said Tom Brady for twenty years and that helps. Do not do not do it I'm GonNa. Tell you name is I search through that I've been bringing up his name for a couple years now. The first thing this and I think that if this is I personally and I know this is going to sound harsh a try to be compassionate. I think once you get rid of the head coach I. Think you've got to flush the whole front office out. Yes I one. Want any lingering people. Because of Jackie's to be was that good. We wouldn't be having these problems and I. Don't Know Jack from atom other than Saturn on from number Steve or Mike Jack You'd sued I did there. But he and he may be good. But. What what what qualification does he had these job? Not only that it you know what message going to send. We still are hanging. We just don't quite can't cut it all on just what clear Houseman Jack Easterby will be fine if he's as good as. Bill O'Brien whoever thought he was and he'll land somewhere else. You've got to clean house and start fresh and you have to have a cleansing in the front office and I'm telling you players you better take notice while this is good and you're excited about change I got news for you. You're next if it doesn't change that that that Guillotine starts falling on a lot of people if got balls enough to do it. Sacred cows. There's only a couple on this team and even those guys there's one..

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