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But i'm open to hearing other thoughts and concerns from that. There's a format review subcommittee. I serve on that. The jets were brick the athletic director. Notre dame of my friend and colleague. Bob bowls be in craig thompson commissioners of the big twelve and west respectively talking through scenarios. What is it me In and we now have seven years of the college football playoff look back evaluate against the objectives established and then consider. Is there something that might work with. The that could be different. None of that predicts change. And i think that's important to understand but the possibilities of that have been identified. I think sixty three was the number seems kind of an arbitrary number. What when you start it for teams and then you're going to six eight ten twelve and sixteen in that press release there. There's a lot of possibilities and i'm interested in thoughts. I'm interested in the impact on the regular season None of these decisions are to be taken lightly to be be identified as easy but it's a meaningful review. It's a look towards the future. We've got five seasons left under the current set of agreements. And i'm not going to predict any outcomes or not going to give anything away you know. Let's let's tease whatever. may come later but understand. There's a bit of a amount to climb here. If there's any change in from our perspective you know. I walked by the cfp championship trophy that we've kept for the second consecutive year. The system has worked really well for what i think is the highest level of college football. And that's sec. Football commissioner the the other topics that gets a lot of attention is the the discussion and we we had. Ross jalen garon earlier talking about some people with whom he has visited with in congress You know it better than we do. But it's a it's something that people your your conference and member institutions have to be prepared for without knowing really where it's going. What is this period like for you and the people with whom you communicate with every day you know we. We started talking about covid and uncertainty. So we're back in uncertainty around what's going to happen with name image and likeness. The good news is we've had a year of adaptation quickly around uncertainty. It's just a different topic Relative to ross. I i thought he wrote a really interesting piece that i read last night. And i'm sure that was the center of your your interview. I'm i'm sorry have missed that earlier but pretty informed conversation with some of our political leaders. There are three fronts on this of this discussion. one is what's happening in state capitals in. We've got eleven states. I think there are eight of our states that have acted at some form Whether or not all eleven and our footprint act. I don't know but when you expand beyond just the sec's region. We won't have fifty state laws by july. First we're going to have different state laws A lot of those are are centered around the same philosophy and may be able to work. But then there's some elements that are concerning about the ability to support healthy intercollegiate competition. So state state laws are one. The second is this congressional conversation again. Like ross did a an effective job presenting the status I've been clear in fact. I've been in dc. And i've i've spoken with with Elected representatives about the need for a national standard around name. Like this given. What's happening states all the way back to california's action. The ncaa can't adopt a rule that solves all of these state issues. You'd still have variants even with an ncaa rule which is the ncaa consideration the third front of conversation. And so the need for congressional action. I think is still real so we can have a common playing field. I do think as ross identified in his article. There's going to be more than name and likeness in a bill. I'm learning more about civics. Reality than i ever learned in high school or college and i remain hopeful that we can can keep the engagement at the congressional level and can come to an effective destination that meets student. Athlete needs at allows names like night likeness activity to take place in an appropriate form but still preserved. What's special about american college athletics. And we can't lose sight of those those common realities in in the need for a destination that supports healthy intercollegiate competition in the education of our student athletes. Commissioner of the southeastern conference. Greg sankey Joining us Commissioner thank you very much Some massive topics ahead and And of course the news today from your office so we hope to see a very very soon thanks fall. It's nice to have cove it'd be a small part of the conversation is still want people to be attentive to their health and there are. There are a lot of big issues or no. There's no easy button right now in my work well We look forward to the next time. And there's a lot going on. Thank you commissioner. Thank you very much for your time. We are up against a break few more minutes remaining and we were coming back right after this. We are officially out of time for this program. We appreciate all of you for being a part of it Some really interesting guests today will See you right here tomorrow..

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