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Ruled out broadband were anticipating nap dan and we're going to uh provide up municipal service that is uh what our citizens of asks were at the ballot box while we talk so easy mayor of fort collins colorado air trucks will thank you so much for speaking with us thank you so much banged appreciate it thank you now an update on nevada rancher clive in bundy and his family the self styled militiamen have emerged victorious in to federal trials after the two thousand fourteen armed standoff in bunker bill nevada and the two thousand sixteen occupation of the mala your national wildlife refuge in oregon oregon public broadcasting's amanda picture tells us what's next for the bundy movement and its opponents about a dozen bundy supporters are celebrating at a mexican restaurant in redmond oregon it's just a few hours after us district judge gloria navarro dismissed criminal charges against clive and bundy and his sons one of the group organizers bj soper raises his glass to two two years worth of justice the absurd day ahead it feerick two years ago bundy sons amnon ryan were arrested for their armed takeover of the male here national wildlife refuge they were eventually acquitted by a jury and now this week judge navarro declared amiss trial in the nevada bundy case the bundy spaced felony conspiracy and weapons charges after clive and bundy led a stand off against government officials the conflict came about because bundy refused to pay fees degrees as cattle the judge said the government purposely withheld key evidence in the trial and called its conduct outrageous as is very vindicating that's bundy supporter kim fritz she says the judge affirmed her beliefs that the government was lying for example prosecutors delayed turning over documents that proved their were government snipers outside the bundy nevada ranch during the conflict for the judge to finally realise though from alycia is destroying busy both bunny trials have been a rallying cause for people who distrust federal.

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