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A former bank manager in Maryland charged with stealing money from a customer's bank accounts more than three hundred thousand dollars was stolen from a customer at the Wells Fargo in Annapolis former branch manager Julie at survey only is accused of getting nineteen debit cards for bank accounts in the customer's name federal prosecutors say survey you'll gain the trust of the Spanish speaking customer then systematically drained her account over a six year period secret service would not say if they suspect the bank manager has other victims Barbara brick WMAL and WMAL dot com the Senate votes tomorrow on the Iran war powers resolution which would assert Congress's constitutional role in declaring war president trump's is the war powers resolution which your weakness and he's urging senators to vote against it but Utah Republican Mike Lee says this is not about the president it's about Congress this really is about the proper allocation of power between the three branches of government and leases Congress has to reassert its role because it has let it slip away Congress has ceased to be in the war declaration driver's seat the resolution is expected to pass with bipartisan support horse wanted Linda canyon democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg getting a jump on super Tuesday by campaigning in Tennessee on the date early voting begins speaking in Chattanooga Bloomberg says he'll support whoever is the eventual democratic nominee but he has a clear favorite in mind in this race everybody is a good person and like people that I'm running against the good people and if one of them wins the nomination god forbid I will support him or her no no shoppers and Stanford weren't seeing things yesterday Stafford county sheriff's deputies were called to a target store for a report of a man wearing a Ku Klux Klan outfit as units arrived on scene they were I did able to identify the black.

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