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If you want to reach me, let's text each other, okay? I'm probably going to regret this decision. Eric Hanson has already telling me not to do it. But text us through the debate. My Pillowtex line is 1 806 556453 thea other thing is, I'll tell you that nobody will listen or nobody'll text me Obviously there all alone in my apartment, watching the debate by myself, hoping you'll write me I'll be like I'll be like Charlie Brown looking for the Valentine every Valentine's Day, and I never get one all dressed up with no place to go. But if you want to interact during the debate, and we'll promote it, we'll put it out of mike online dot com. Maybe social media then I don't have a bunch of creeps. I You know much of crazies and trolls. Come at me. But our text line is 1 806 55, mike. So if you want, Oh, exchanged text messages with me during Tomorrow night's big debate. Feel free to do so. Speaking of creeps, I needed to go to my happy place over the weekend. I was that creepy guy that went by himself to Disney world with my mask on just watching kids and moms and dads and happiness and joy and all the happy memories of my family going to Disney rolled over the years comes flooding back. One of the joys of living in Florida now to get to go to Disney, and they're open. And guess what? Conwood no outbreaks from any of the theme parks. Speaking of outbreaks, there's news out of Sarasota, Florida Big headline about schools reopening Tell you about that, and.

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