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At seven eastern four Pacific Venus Williams and Gronk team up with the late late show host James cordon and former soccer star Landon Donovan you see which team comes out victorious do not miss game on on CBS sports network you got that old man game on game on finally it's got to reserve a show has to be right so to reset something happened yesterday smack up twenty six in three days you might be sick of hearing it maybe or not if you missed it yesterday left Laguna came in I broke open the opening segment normally it'll mess without I don't touch that it's the opening rant segmented set the table for the entire program but I break the format for the right reason the right reason would include a two time smack off champ logging me a telephone call he did left in Laguna made that call and it sounded in part like this the Brad I don't want to take your ball and going home are quitting or lobbying for more rules I'm giving you a choice I have a whole areas cameo ready to roll a puncture aus on Friday but should I use it that's up to you did you pick your poison call in by Thursday let me know so I come with the cameo would I be straight up with no gimmicks I highly highly suggest you choose wisely my friends so let me know either way not through those blame Twitter means you make the guy eating an ice cream cone or whatever you do on there all day and not yours woke teenage girl internet shorthand you tweet with right so L. and J. WTF you choose A. S. A. P. hi that was left I'll have brass response in a moment but sidebar a number of you are trying to guess who that celebrity cameo is keep in mind I would put it by him to get anybody at all I mean who can't get who who can't this guy get he already turned the fonts he already turned my childhood idol run say he turned Larry brown for a call Kato Kaelin hello Terence the guy found terraces here Marjorie so a number of you think that that celebrity cameo is OJ Simpson if anybody could it's a laugh so that was left calling out Brad Brad called back before the end of the program and he had this for a laugh look no one told me love called in earlier and asked me to tell him whether or not I want another guy in on Friday with him or if I wanted to be just him ironically less give his wife the same decision every time they're gonna wrestle Jim left just bring the other guy and do we know you can't handle this on your own okay Rome true story less is so gimmicky and you can check the Twitter feed he bought his wife he bought her a rake in buffalo for mother's day I'm trying to say Jim.

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