John Allison John, Amber Geiger, Sarah Fox discussed on Mark Levin



Plan sign lease Seles Sarah fox news state department officials link to president trump's impeachment inquiry will appear before Congress a bit later than expected but closed door session with ambassador Marcia you over Novick will not happen Wednesday is previously scheduled instead she will answer questions next week the house intelligence oversight in foreign affairs committees or scheduling several depositions over the next two weeks with former and current state department officials including the trump administration's top negotiator in Ukraine Kurt Volker will appear Thursday inspector general for the intelligence community who first passed along the whistle blowers complaint will testify Friday Democrats want answers about potential pressure put on Ukraine's government to investigate former vice president Joe Biden fox's John help run on Capitol Hill testimony has ended for the day in the penalty phase of a former in Dallas police officer convicted this morning of murdering her neighbor inside his apartment the mother of all from John Allison John told the court she has been struggling since his dance just been like a roller coaster I couldn't sleep. I cannot he. it's. it's just been the most terrible time for me amber Geiger's lawyers had argued she was tired after working a long shift and thought she was in her apartment when she shot John he faces five to ninety nine years in prison Ohio governor Mike DeWine asking lawmakers to ban the sale of flavor to ease the cigarettes as concerns continue to grow about their safety use the cigarette use skyrocketed. what both the US Surgeon General. and the FDA have called and I quote epidemic levels yeah hi health department has identified twenty two cases of illnesses they say are linked to vaping.

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