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Have gone out for the upcoming NC double a men's basketball tournament Utah state Saturday earning a bit of a mountain west with a late game victory over San Diego state fifty nine fifty six aspects now waiting a week to see if there's still a number one in C. EE tournament St the other veterans Saturday coming out of the Ohio valley conference Belmont the one point victory over Murray state in the NBA Saturday afternoon the nets parting ways with head coach Kenny Atkinson Brooklyn sitting in seventh the playoff chase in the Eastern Conference with twenty games remaining Josh Braun takes over as interim head coach on the floor Golden State over Philadelphia Charlotte the prices used in one oh eight ninety nine at U. F. C. two forty eight on ESPN plus Israel not assigned yet with a unanimous decision over Yoel Romero to retain his UFC middleweight title here's the chair I did what I see is going to be living out of the way we look at he tells me the first okay I used to be L. hadn't has the lead after three rounds of the Arnold Palmer invitational he sits at six under par ahead with a two shot lead over Marc Leishman Rory McElroy NHL kings Dustin brown hat trick LA over Minnesota seven three cabs prepaying which five to chase Elliott we have a poll today for the NASCAR Cup race in Phoenix Kevin Harvick also on the front row coming up Monday Tom Brady watch rolls on as we await his decision and it's a big weekend for the Lakers how will the west the OnePlus championship weaken the NC double a and who won the weekend go to we go Monday sixty three is P. radio ESPN news sports center mall nine twenty S. P. N. radio and ESPN he has been ready was presented by progressive insurance progressive insurance drivers who switch and save an average of seven hundred ninety six dollars less per year caller click today and found out if we could save you hundreds on your car insurance thanks for listening to sports in Orlando at ESPN radio ESPN and I'm John Ryder the major news in the NBA on Saturday the density and coach Kenny Atkinson mutually agreed to part ways despite Brooklyn currently the seventh seed in the east that's GM Sean marks well I look I think what happens in the locker room you know I'd like to think stays in there I'd love to get specifics and granular arm on older and types of things but in the end of the day this is this is there are a compromise that both canine ownership came up with I think I've said before that there was time you know Kenny grinded and did everything he could but there was there was time for another voice and that one in that locker room and it's it's our job now to find its GM Sean marks Kitty I'd considered as nets head coach after three plus seasons Jacque Vaughn takes over on an interim basis would more on Atkinson being out ESPN NBA senior writer Ramona Shelburne really bad he he he did a lot of what Brett brown dead right in in Philadelphia which is that you go through the hardest part of the rebuild right you go through that bottoming out of a franchise where you're you literally we're not trying to win you know you're just trying to develop players and finding players that's the hardest part and now that are on the brink of reaping the benefits of all that right he's taken to get career being Kevin Durant back next year healthy supposedly right you have to have some young players that you grew in their talent better blossoming right now and Yellen said of being able to coach that team and he went through all that all of that looting and all that all that sacrifice and just to get fired this morning Mona's shell born at ESPN radio's game day can you have kids it out is nets head coach now it's twenty eight and thirty four half game lead on the magic for the seventh spot in the east switching gears you have C. two forty eight in Las Vegas the main event middleweight championship fight Israel Adesanya defending his title against your well Romero we go to the judge's decision the judges for the contest what is forty eight forty seven and forty nine forty six with the win Israel at its ninety in the video L. Romero by unanimous decision to retain his middleweight championship in Saturday night's main event of UFC two forty eight and Las Vegas with reaction ESPN plus UFC analyst Daniel Cormier Hey Joe Rogan walked over here said everybody loves order.

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