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Gaspar's who very impressed by this came up with this idea of the axial age. It was around this time. That i mean he had a very kind of hey gayle metaphysical story about this. It's like when the human geist the human spirit became self conscious. Finally we were kind of grinding along as animals than we kind of woke up so he his his metaphysical stories probably false. But there is something to this idea of an axial age. And i think it probably has to do with just Kotido agriculture's get started in spreads round the world Not exactly at the same time but really starts ramp up around the same time and once you get enough wealth and complexity you start to have people whose jobs can be like ours to sit around and thank you. Yeah and so. I think it's really just a function of around the same time. You got enough excess wealth that it could support parasites like us. New are actually doing useful productive worth. But we're thinking about stuff and right in writing stuff down right right. Yeah exactly so. Let me just focus in our audience and have a clear picture of possible. What is going on with the different schools so confucianism i think. Kind of make sense to the western mind. Even if not a lot of westerners become confucianists in their old age but the idea that there are rituals and ceremonies and our social role is Very important and Learning is important and things like that. That's this is. Virtue is a way of acting in the world with other people right. I mean these are all. There's appropriate social roles. These are all sort of confucian ideas. Yeah yeah yeah. But but taken quite strongly so At least for confucius you you can't think without culture so he really thinks culture is forming the basis of your thought. Okay i find my students really struggle with sometimes because they tend to think that they think of things on their own like had these great ideas it is where i think confucianism corrective to some kind of modern western views of the self..

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