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One first quarterback in franchise history to do so too will drafted by the dolphins with the number five pick in last month's draft most anticipated dolphins QB since Dan Marino to a war thirteen in college at Alabama that's already retired by the dolphins for the aforementioned Marino there were seventeen players assigned number one during the twenty nineteen season including van Panthers quarterback cam Newton and Arizona's Kyler Murray talk about a little will be the seventh player in dolphins franchise history to were number one in a regular season game hall of fame Oilers quarterback Warren moon or number one for the Miami Heat Chris bosh I never wanted his Jersey which was retired in twenty nineteen Marlins second baseman Lisa Steele three time all star wearing uniform number one end on the ice Berlingo there's only one number one first Jersey retired by that franchise we're talking about quarterbacks we've seen some veteran movements in recent weeks about the impact of those moves earlier on Golic and Wingo bigger bigger message sent dak or Carson but I I don't I don't look at it as a message for your set your saying if your cars are so I'm saying which quarterback then you do you think feels more some type of way about what's happening because well I think Carson Wentz because he's going to get taken off the field Jackson has signed his deal and never get taken off the field Hey Andy we have a package for you will go on in jacket off the field that's not gonna happen completely disagree right now Jack Prescott Jack press that you've gone through this song and dance for well over a year with this organization watch them sign everyone and now they're even going to sign their backup before they make out or if you send me that means nothing to me I I don't I don't know how you can say one guy is affected by the premise of them bringing someone is affected because Carson Wentz will be off the field at times we'll tell you about the first health is at least being invested into by his team the Dallas Cowboys he always and they're going to what are you talking about that for you as a human being in that setting for an install it's an organization has not yet put pen to paper invested they haven't agreed on a deal deals take a long time listen I'm not saying that's happy I'm not saying that but the bottom line to me is Jack is a good sign and Jack is never going to leave the field first player first quarterback in franchise history to be ever the franchise tax board center all night ESPN radio the NFL we'll be taking the wraps off its schedule this week the twenty twenty regular season schedule is set to be released Thursday but the NFL will may need to change course at some point and apart from the schedule that they'll be releasing due to the corona virus pandemic is how real the possibility is that ESPN insider Jeff Darlington for the NFL if there is really any good news is that this is happening at a time when they will eventually go into a little bit of what is an annual dark period now generally speaking the offseason program lasts until about mid June last year for instance the mandatory mini camp that concluded the offseason program was June thirteenth and then everything pretty much goes dark until training camp opens last year it opened from rookies in Baltimore July seventeenth so there was a month there so what happens in that time basically sits back and starts to monitor things I was speaking with one of the sources told me that they will look at any and all models to get ideas about how they can proceed here will be monitoring for instance I'm told the Korean baseball league to see how things go there but football facing a far more complicated situation we're we're talking about man to man called we're talking about bodies flying around all over each other so this is a little different than baseball but for the NFL's credit they're trying to really put a widespread enough to figure out any way that they can start football on time right so with training camp set to begin mid late July as you mentioned Hey what happens if that gets delayed for any reason especially considering the schedules coming out in two days right now of course the NFL can still cancel some of training camp and start the regular season on time what we saw when the lockdown occurred in twenty eleven they ended up being able to start training camp on time there were contingency plans in place and that if it did lead into a training camp or they did not get a new CBA that they would still be willing to start the season on time with an abbreviated training camp that plan was in place that certainly could be the case again this year so again I want to call good news but but certainly from the NFL's perspective they're in a better spot than a lot of others for treatment in the sense that they do have a little bit of a window to monitor exactly how they'll proceed with the season moving forward and then in terms of if there is a season this fall how will it look especially for something like the Browns Odell Beckham junior saying this to be a breakout season for him and the Browns earlier on around the home I agree with Joe Thomas particularly with Baker because the shut up part comes as much with the only get to talk if you show up and he hasn't all recently I'm more interested in LBJ because the way this season went last year I think we would have heard about all these injuries I'm not accusing them of not being real I'm just curious as to why when he was struggling or wasn't performing the way we expected we didn't hear this as the reason why until now I'd be very interested to hear what whether that was his decision the team Jackie buy or sell these bold brown proclamations well I'm going to sell them because they're both somewhat self evident to me L. back in these injuries sounded pretty serious so if in fact that's what was going on with him then fine come back let's see what you can do and Baker Mayfield I just feel like every time we're saying Hey man time for you to do so no news there I guess so the buyer sell these brown on top I want to get a comment from Lil Wayne before I say anything here's a you know the thing about Odell just go out and play you know you do you do too much talking Jerry rice in talk about having a great season you just would go out and do it but last year this puts a lot of pressure on Baker Mayfield then he only completed four touchdown passes to Odell Odell is true only get seventy four catches in a season and as for this being a make or break season for Baker Mayfield with patients I mean I I understand what Joe's saying about this the make or break year but I don't agree with that I think if you have a recipe for how to develop a quarterback for head coaches in three years if you include great way of that little spent is not the way to do it and so I think and repair the new GM the fans get a new head coach they understand this is going to be a work in progress although listen all the weapons that it that Joe was talking about you have to be have to be able to execute you have to understand the offense do details you have to understand that whole process is going to take time even putting in new offense of lime it's all going to be a work in progress I don't think this team hits its stride until middle of the season if everything starts on time so as you're looking at this I don't I I think quarterbacks get way too much credit when they win a way too much credit when they lose that's all we ever want to focus on but the reality is this organization as a whole has it done a great job of making sure the right people the right infrastructure is around this quarterback they drafted to be their future give him some time to let all of them including and you're very the new GM developed together ESPN analyst Jeff Saturday so we'll we'll see what those spring holds for the NFL including the scheduled up it will be released on Thursday the NFL planning for a fall season but they do have contingency plans that have been discussed as well if the NBA returns have things been smoothed over in Utah sports are only continues to just be a radio this time the New England has come to a close what it all means this is just going to tell us plenty of fine can we go this morning on ESPN radio straight talk even though most live sports run hold now big wireless companies haven't stopped playing games they're always trying to lock you in overpriced contracts with straight talk wireless.

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