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And so when people of America were thinking about all of that stuff and all the challenges that they were going through, they could be forgiven for not really caring too much about what we did in Washington D.C. because we talk a lot. We don't get anything done. And so now we are 14 months into this. They're 20,000 projects coming out of the ground. And you know, people go, well, I really hadn't been paying that much attention to it. Until the president, I think you will agree with me, brought the heat the other night at the State of the Union address. Like my guy don't like my guy, he showed up in a really big way the other night and delivered 72 minutes of hell, right? About where this country was gone and what we did with people who were sitting in the audience being a little bit less nice than he was trying to be with them as he tried to bring the country together. And people over time will see this. I'm not saying that polls don't matter. But if you go back and look at the polls of all of the presidents over time, you will see that his polls and where he is on approval ratings are not horribly inconsistent with what other presidents were at the time. And you will recall, or I will recall for you that before the elections a couple of months ago, everybody was saying this guy's dead. And, you know, there was going to be hell to pay after the midterms. And that hasn't turned out to be true either. The one thing that has turned out to be true about Joseph R Biden is that he is always been counted out and he has always won. That's what you know. And the only poll that really counts in terms of whether this stuff works or not is if there is another election day on that day, who they run it against, what the vision, the president's vision is, and whether or not we were actually able to hit our marks. And we have demonstrated time and time again on all the things that have mattered to this country when people were running. How many jobs did you create? What's the unemployment rate? Did you really hit your mark? How many pieces of legislation have you passed? How do you compare? When you compare him to every other president at this time in terms of actual success, not perception, but real success, he ranks at the top of the president that have ever served. We've got 6 minutes left and given how loquacious you are. I know this is going to be the last question because I want to switch gears. I want to switch gears and in all seriousness. Do you all want 32nd sound bites? No, no, no, no. What we do? I know, I'm totally loving this, but I want to bring you back to when you and I spoke in May of 2017, I interviewed interviewed you about your removal of confederate statues from New Orleans. You were still mayor of New Orleans. And you told me then that when confronting race, quote, you can't go over it, you can't go under it. You can't go around it. You actually have to walk through it and walking through it is hard and it's painful and it's uncomfortable, but when you come out the other side we're all going to be better off for it. And I thought of this when I was listening to President Biden during the State of the Union and he talked about the talk. Black parents have to have with their children.

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