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Them they're done and it we have two alleged sex offender excuse me more a disgrace yeah one senator and that yeah I still believe in general flowers a Juanita Broderick I like it yes good call Ryan good call I still don't believe Susan rice this this is sick and pushing these lies calling to men alleged sexual our offenders they've never been accused me hope they sue her I hope they soon will get a whole big public fights with a smear campaign is just disgusting it's this is gross absolutely gross this is the this is the evil that they are eight eight zero okay I. N. S. C. eight eight zero five six seven eight if you want to talk about it they are bad bad bad human beings there's I mean there's they're bad they're evil they don't value life they get all fired up over this I mean there's there's even more that one she really is sick this is Renee Bracey Sherman I mean it's it's disgusting what she's doing and saying for me above their could you don't mind just the beginning of it to be ready but just just do you might have to watch the levels dang listen this program over there N. and when you DO you really just don't don't tune out I could do it too long okay reading on this and.

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