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Is a grey area you can't can kd situation is unique he was getting beaten by those guys and i'm not look i'm okay with it now i'm okay with it now but i am one of the story so do you diminish legrand because he did it would wayne waiting chris bosh do you diminish it because you know had car has in my eyes he fought his butt out in cleveland it just couldn't get it done why concerns mayan nor miles there they're the proper roster blah blah blah's not black and white all him to the same thing be said for kd and okc you're going against three three allstar verse two allstars you carry to one i think three usually wear sit here and and say sand lake literally they literally just also is the recently he buys i'm just i'm not the only one and now are saying i'm one of those guys that i'm kinda stuck in the past like kitty smith and a lot of these guys that old school you're my enemy i gotta go up to heal both ways yeah right yeah it could be part of it to let it go this tweet just came in from joshua said to you harden playing defense on you in a workout though question mark stories israel man hardware vital d e was good but i tell you what james harden get a shot off with no space yeah no space is a bull uh fans so as much talk about the d i talk about the oh hm james harden incredible watching them glad an exotic go to launch briers i do they were coming in so i just sat and watched him go for an hour that was fun like that's but that's me doubt i like to do but i watched that the top talent in the world go after each other and work out there that's amazing entertainment is amazing to album the same as you like stressing track in football now so much basketball but i like it when i see it like you said and.

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