La Dodgers, Patriots, Clayton Kershaw discussed on WBBM Evening News


And Marcus Cooper not practicing for the bears today. New England on their minds. Of course, the patriots coming to Soldier Field on Sunday. But MAC because of the ankle injury against the dolphins. Last Sunday right now. Unable to give it a go. But coach Matt Nagy would again, call it a day to day situation for the outside. Linebacker and pass rush specialist the patriots at four and two tied with Miami for the AFC east lead. But again, just six games in the baseball now in the American League championship series to nothing Red Sox leading the Astros in the second inning. Rafael Devers, a two run single in the top of the first and then controversy in the bottom half looked like Jose altuve had a two run Homer, Mookie Betts playing the outfield sticking his glove over the fence fans reaching for the ball, not apparently reaching over the wall. But the call was an out because of fan interference and not a two run Homer for L to the call stands and the Astros trail by a pair. As a result. The LA dodgers now up three games to two on Milwaukee in the National League series. The dodgers winning five to two in game five this afternoon. Five different L A players driving and runs and Clayton Kershaw. Shaw pitching. Well, seven innings of work for him. Is he manages to get the win and that series now heading back to Milwaukee with the dodgers game away from winning the National League pennant one more practice for the bulls. And then it's Philadelphia to start the regular season tomorrow night Blackhawks on the ice earlier today and Corey Crawford still on target to start for the hockey club. Tomorrow night against Arizona at the United Center the bears and patriots. This Sunday our game nine AM with the kickoff. Noon on your home of the bears. Dave Kerner, NewsRadio seven eighty and one zero five point nine FM. Guitar.

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