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Noko now. Thanks for joining us here on a Tuesday afternoon as we got through our news stories. Now it's time for our featured guest joining me now. Very honored to be having him is Fort Collins Mayor Wade trachsel mayor. Thanks for taking some time and wanting to shine some light on how your city has handled the cove in nineteen pandemic kanter glad to be on the show and Glad update you on what's going on in Fort Collins well You know like Like everyone else in the and you know we since about mid March or in a whole different world and with that Fort Collins is Basically You know gone through the the stay in place orders. And now they're safer in place and and And being a community of about one hundred seventy five thousand people and High-tech community with a lot of technology companies and and Colorado State University About THIRTY TWO THOUSAND STUDENTS. You know that has a lot different kind of Implications says it's a impacted four collins but you know in terms of there's two aspects to The Kobe nineteen pandemic is one is the health aspect and and I can report Lamoure. County and Fort. Collins has Done very well in terms of E- comparatively in terms of I don't know the exact numbers but you know. Four hundred and thirty five something like that with positive. Koga cases Over that time and then about nineteen deaths so each death that that's an unfortunate but I'm GonNa put you on Speaker because Harris on here so make sure so anyway So Anyway You know we're working through the health aspects and now We're actively Beginning to step down and You know basically You know social or physical distance inside like to consider it's an important part along with have facial coverings and Fort Collins so where you can't socially physically distance. And then you know all the good hygiene aspects but I really credit the people of Fort Collins Amer County for really keeping me. You know basically knocking the curve down and and That's where we are today with the health part of it well in mayor. You know Some would say the restrictions were a little more strenuous inland county. I don't think there's any doubt about that but it seems to be paying off now as Larimer County is now asking for for lighter. The lighter corona virus restrictions from the guy from the state government right so number county. Health Director Tom Gonzales has made a request for variances With respect to a number of different aspects and con consultation with our business community or chamber of Commerce and others in terms of considerations for variances with respect to Our businesses opening up. And I think that makes complete sense where There's a deliberate process to think about How do Safely engage in the opening up and and I was on a call earlier today with the with the health director and and You know I think for the most part We've been very much aligned with with the actions as well as You know the reasons why and and I think that illustrates I think the The numbers in county speaking with for Collins Mayor Wade trachsel and mayor as we look at this you mentioned some of those numbers substantially down from some of the other areas around northern Colorado around the state. However I don't envy your position I think That all of our elected officials are working through things that they would have never seen coming. How is that communication process? Ben and how is that working relation Working Relationship Ben with you talked about the county health director and the county commissioners. There's so many different plays. How has that worked in Lumber County? Well I think reasonably well I think at the that We're right in the middle of it so I think that You know we'll reflect upon When we get through this and and improvements that sort of thing but I think for the most part it's worked Reasonably well You know and it's you know being in only the second inning of the game. It's hard to talk about the game ends but I think it's It's worked reasonably well. We have our emergency operation center. That is one of the main coordinating factors in Lamoure County and that includes the city of Fort Collins our Ese point of contact as well as Lamoure County and and and other jurisdictions and and I think that's worked reasonably well and and addressing The initial You know two two and a half months of the Of the covert then Demi can and I. We continue to have weekly calls and you know. Now we're focusing on the recovery aspect and and how do we You know for again Fort Collins. I think How we open up our University and our community colleges and so forth such that Thirty two thousand students coming to campus in the fall that What we want to avoid And I think at a great cost would be Second wave and having to go back to the lockdown and so I think our best strategy is to is to go slow and steady with respect to the stepping down And Begin and having the testing and the Tracing and the isolation in place such that for the next year and a half or two years. That'll be a more of a new normal if we can Avoid the second way and You know Pandemics of the past have shown. That's a that's a tendency particularly Gets into the colder months. And so you know I think now it's I'm I'm really proud about our businesses. How many have pivoted? And how many continuing to provide for key Goods and services in our community and as we open up. They'll be Very creative and how. They're operating their business. Such that Are citizens of our community and guests can be a safe place and And Joy all that four collins has to offer during the summer months as we continue our conversation here with mayor. Wade trucks of Fort Collins in mayor. What you know communication now more than ever is so vitally important no matter in which direction it's flowing But especially from your office to your citizens. What what is your message to them. As is the analogy. You used was where the second inning of a nine inning ballgame. This is starting to wear on some people. What has been your message throughout this. But especially now's we started to progress. Well I think it's one of of empathy. This is hard on everyone. whether it's from a health perspective lives or with lively and and And something that We haven't seen in our lifetime for sure and I think there's a sense for empathy and understanding and caring about each other and reaching out those best we can. It may not be physically but You know in carrying about each other you know. I think the other thing is being honest and authentic about the situation that we have but also being Creative and and Innovative as we look to our future. And that's part of the ethos of Fort. Collins is being creative and innovative and thinking about solution so one. There's a a quite a number of projects going on with Colorado State University or one health institute and and The Center for Disease Control Another's on on backsied and and things That can not only help Fort Collins but hopefully Colorado the United States in the world. And that's the kind of spirit that we have here in. Fort Collins is people carrying about people and also we have very creative people and also very innovative people and and You know it's it's it's You know it's it's It's trying to respond appropriately or to the time and and as we enter the recovery that we do the thing that We avoid the hard downside but we also focused on the silver lining of of where we're going in the next us Three months six months nine months and a year so think. It's a combination of empathy Being the authentic and truthful with one another and particularly from us as leaders within our community and then one really looking to the future. And and how can we Make our community more resilient for the future. We'll MIRA and I'll open it up to let you brag on on CBS. You a little bit over there. They've been in the news like you mentioned talking about Talking about possibly finding a cure finding vaccine And not only that but when when it was dire for the PPI the personal protective equipment ceus. You really stepped up and I know you've got a very close relationship with you bet. Well you know it's amazing. The kind of People that are at sea issue. And the kind of expertise they have. Oftentimes they're more known globally than they are right at home and and and bringing that kind of expertise particularly with regard to Do An audit diseases humidity level epidemological You know things that that We don't usually See on the front page every day. But now they're part of our everyday and there are a lot of great people at Colorado State University and And it's a great resource for Northern Colorado for sure who last week would have been a graduation. I believe correct. That's right so Last week was Graduation and and The A lot of virtual graduations and and Making a proclamation tonight about to graduates of twenty It's a memorable time They should all be congratulated for their accomplishments that they made. They won't forget about this time in many different ways in the future. It'll be permanent bookmarked in history. And and Congratulations to all the graduates. A high school and College at UNC Colorado State University at Community Colleges. Congratulations for all the Your accomplishments so far completely agree couldn't have set a better mayor way trucks. Okay last question moron. A light hearted note Mayor with let's skip ahead to win ever. It is when this is all done. Things are open backup. We've are safe or confident in in where we're going with things. What's the first thing that you're going to do when everything gets opened back up over there you know? I think I I think we're all We appreciate things even more today. I think that ability to travel to see one another I'm very much. I think the nature of being a mayor people person and and Being at home all the time is not necessarily in my normal nature but I think I love being out in the community. I love meeting with members of our community. And and the great things that they're doing and You know that's probably the the the thing that For the most I completely agree. I can't wait to get back to one of your great breweries over in Fort Collins as well excited for that to open backup mayor. Is there anything that we missed that we need to need to talk about? I I really do appreciate your time with me this afternoon. I know you're very busy man and I do want to say thanks for the great work that you're putting in thanks. Dan appreciate the opportunity being on a radio with you today and I just like to thank our area mayors. That's another thing I would. I want to point out is that we are on a call weekly now where we share. what's going on. What's going on with the State With some of the federal programs as impact our communities As we talk about What we're doing for the health side as well as the economic side in in our community so we have a great bunch of mayors in northern Colorado. And I'd just like to give a shout out to them and thank them for their leadership at this time and and I appreciate the opportunity to share the story of Fort Collins at this time with you. Tanner Echo that sentiment. Hopefully we'll get you on again soon. And hopefully we'll continue to talk positive news. How's that sound? I love that that flicked. You make it better all right. Thank you so much mayor. Thank you tanner thanks. That's way trucks Fort Collins. Great interview really appreciate his insight on things very upbeat as well and I talked a little bit about that tie in with. Cs you and and that's something. That is I mean. Unc just had their graduation. I know as well. So yes you. And it's it's tough for those some of those graduates but Just keep in mind. The reason you went graduation party is going to be even sweeter when you do have it. I know it will you. You will have it eventually but Keep in mind the all those that work and everything was for that degree that you're going to be able to hang up there now so really appreciate a mayor. Mayor trucks will stop in. Do want to say thanks to one of our sponsors here. Proactive physical therapy locations in Eaton and in Greeley to learn more proactive. Colorado DOT COM. It's proactive COLORADO DOT COM Darryl Todd Kate.

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