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The site. Minnesota Twins or the opponent, and Bob you Karen Jim Powell, er on the call. Waiting for the doors to pop out of that first base dugout way are just about set for baseball here in Milwaukee today. Couple of finals. Around baseball Baltimore Today five before Jorge Vasquez picked up the wind. Todd Williams took the loss. Andrew Jones, another home run, He leads the major leagues now, with 23 home runs. He lead off the night with a home run that won the game, and here on the floor is taking the field. A lot of tears from the brewer fans, and they're quite a few Twins fans. Evidently here at the Ballpark tonight. Boston wins in Philly 7 to 1 Matt Clement terrific acquisition for the Red Sox. It goes to nine and one with victory today wasn't a Padilla took the loss, Manny Ramirez with a home run Yankees and the Mets. Bottom of the eighth inning and the Mets are getting the better end of it. Today it is 10 to do tend to Metz Clip Lloyd with two home runs. David Wright has also gone Deep. Texas one in Houston, 6 to 5. Chris Young over Brandon Backe Cordero, his 18 save Michael Young, Rod Barajas and Michael Young again with home runs for Texas 10 now for young Workmen, Ensberg and video with home runs for the losing Astros that comes got a grand slam for more Rama's Ramirez and beat the White Sox with 62. Greg Medics over Jose confirms Everett and die with home runs for the White Sox. San Francisco kicked five balls. Five errors in the game for the Giants. Predictably, they lose in Oakland 6 to 3. Dan Haren over Noah Lowry, Mike Matheny with a home run. That's his eight for the Giants, Helou his 12th. Swisher, number six for Oakland. San Diego eight, Seattle five. Another final Jake Peavy goes to seven to Hoffman with 20 saves. Xavier Navy went deep, as did Khalil Greene, Mark Sweetie, also with the homerun games in progress Florida for Tampa Bay. Nothing in the third. Everything else is just about to begin. We are ready for baseball in Milwaukee tonight for the play by play Story of tonight's game between the twins and the Brewers once again, here's Bob Bucher. Alright, Jim. Thank you very much on this broadcast. Once again is authorised by the Milwaukee Brewers Baseball club. It is intended solely for the entertainment of our listening audience. Any rebroadcast or other use without the express written consent of the Milwaukee Brewers Baseball club is prohibited. And it will be Shannon Stewart to lead things off against right hander Toma Oka Stuart in 10 previous trips against.

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