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Called Lewis has been touch saying Hannah Gadsby autism and me. And, she is a twenty year old bisexual woman who is diagnosed with autism exactly seven months ago. I listen to Hannah Gadsby. Upset today and really appreciate being able to hear another autistic lgbt women talk. This is one of the first occasions in my life. I've got here another autistic lgbt person talk one of the other being Jack Monroe who was on this podcast season. One to one I think. I! Just she goes on and then. She carries on. She then says I just think that needs to be more much more discussion and acceptance of autistic people, especially autistic women, both in the OT bt community and society in general. That's true. It's very true, but that's lovely email and I absolutely agree. I'm so glad we have. Helped them? To other bits you're going like. PS. One of them is about me. We're both going to come. LOUISA SAYS PS Chris. You have such a relaxing voice. It's just coming to listen to. That's nice. It's true. A, mom, I can do es video. Whatever the called. The going to sleep things. Kind of okay for that I'm GonNa do that thing. I thought it was because there's stuff I've been hearing on instagram because because. I'm Jerome Flynn. An I am going to you know those ones that sort of massage of sounding dolphins in the background and. It's. The, same family, yeah, I think that linked. There's a lot. Of People Enter this Jerome Flynn. The someone else I know as well I should. Yeah. Jim Flynn was Orlando when I was in Azure like seventy five thousand years ago. Enemy. Get the but me. Yes exactly time is of the essence. As an autistic person, I have special interests, which is when I become intensely interested in specific subject areas. Usually, it's eurovision, but about two days when I was seventeen, my special interest was allen coming. So consider it an owner that you made it to..

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