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Looked this back up and my goodness, why you went zero and 12 that year. And if you remember, Bruce, that caused them to fire their coach and bring in June Jones the next year. And I believe to this day, the single biggest turnaround from one year to the next was June Jones, right? Yeah, speaking of which, I'm glad you brought that up. Not that June partner necessarily, but so the next year Hawaii in 1999, they played they played Washington state and it was the week after the Apple cup. So there's definitely that was a Hawaii thing. It's interesting how that unfolded. Good question, Michael. Thank you. And you said, well, actually, oh, never mind. Yeah, Washington state. Yeah, Hawaii turned around from 12 to go 9 in four the next year. And I don't think Timmy Chang was there quite yet. But he would be soon enough and now full circle, Timmy Chang is now Hawaii's head coach after the ouster of Todd Graham. Can I ask you another question? Sure, because this is from James in Seoul, Korea still being so confident Wayne tiffin could win a national title at Georgia was bizarre to me. He was the head coach at USC. I think he's a great exynos offensive coach and he recruits well, but he's been a head coach since 2007, except for two years under Saban at Bama and what's his biggest accomplishment? Okay, stew. Go to bad for your buddy. Okay, well, first of all, you know, he's not the same coach he was at USC. He's a better coach and I think you'd have to be, you'd have to be pretty stubborn to be hung up on the USC era lane given at this point. Because what happened from there was he went to the Nick Saban car wash, if you will, and I think the most significant part about that, though, I didn't realize so much later. When lane kiffin was at USC, he was still pretty much running your traditional the West Coast offense that USC always ran. It wasn't until saving hired him and told him, hey, go study what Hugh freeze is doing what art briles is doing and giving me that. And ever since then, I think he's been really ahead of the curve offensively. He went to FAU and won two conference championships in three years, that program had done nothing before that. He goes to Ole miss, they were pretty down in the dumps and last year they go tended to and go to a near 6 bowl. So I think he's a really good coach now. Not without controversy, obviously. And so I'm saying like, he can recruit well to illness, but I think there's a reason he's going so heavy on the portal, as he knows he can't recruit Alabama talent on the whole at all miss. But at Georgia, he could. I think you did. I agree with you. Lane Kevin has evolved quite a bit. I think he deserves credit for that. So I don't know if I yeah. You think his USC tenure would have gone differently if they didn't have the sanctions. He got the job and then 6 months later, the hammer came down. I do. I don't know if he would have, it wasn't gonna be a Pete Carroll run. I think that the sanctions can not be having been around there. It was a huge deal. It was devastating. Now, some of the how it was handled. You know, I think there's a lot of stuff he could have done differently in regards to around the rest of the program. But yeah, I don't think people can just shrug their shoulders as it was like nothing because it was a real deal. All right, just a couple of quick things before we wrap Bruce. Remember last week, somebody asked you in the mailbag, what you thought was a better chance of happening Miami winning the coastal or finishing in the top 15 of the recruiting rankings when they were like 36th. Tom and Delray Beach and I didn't realize this, Miami did finish in the top 15 in recruiting. Does that mean they are guaranteed to be in Charlotte come December? Guaranteed? No, but I think some of the things that have gone on in the last couple of weeks. I mean, look, they didn't get shamar Stuart, just stay home. They did get trevante citizen to leave Louisiana. That was a big pickup for them. He's a top 100 running back. He adds to a really dynamic running back room. Josh gaddi says a lot of good pieces to work with there as he gets to I think that what tells me what that tells me is there's not much gap between 15 and 35 because it's not like they went out and added ten guys on signing day. They just added a few big names and jump 20 spots. Yeah, I don't quite understand how the rankings formula necessarily is. And look, I mean, we referenced, especially the two four 7 rankings all the time. We think those guys do a terrific job. I honestly didn't know how, like you said, it wasn't like they got oh wow, they got the number two, number four, and number 9 ranked recruit. And so they jump from the 30s to leapfrog a bunch of schools. But as you said, when we did this last week, they didn't have a ton. This was a light on bodies class. You know, it was like, you know, it was a high percentage of really well thought of recruits, but it wasn't like it was like they had 23 guys.

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