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Life on earth. And then we're going to round out the night with motivational speaker, Jim Parison Jimmy talks about praying for financial miracle, and how money can really help you again. Same lineup a live band audience participation in after the show. We always do a meet and greet. And we just hang out with people. I I've seen so many people at these things who don't know each other who become friends. It's just it's really a great atmosphere like minded people like live events for that, you know, getting people in the same room. Breathing the same air that have common interests, Iran. It's it's it's community building. It's really special people come there. They'll be alone in they'll wanna picture, so someone will take a picture given their Email and then their friends. It's really great. That's wonderful. So if you're interested in you live down that way, if you don't live that way on that wake come on out anyway, people fly all over to these things. So there's three ways you can get tickets. You can go to Miramar cultural, center dot org. You can dial eight hundred seven four five three thousand that is TicketMaster or if you live down that way. You can visit the box office in person and Richard. Of course information always on the coast to coast AM website NetCom before you got to ask you because you asked me about my pet rabbit pet rabbit, and I I was racking my brain. I don't remember mentioning maybe I'm wrong. I don't remember mentioning I had a pet rabbit are you psychic or something? No, you have mentioned that you have rally have but more important than that win a loss of a rabbit, and I don't wanna go out too much because this rabbit was very very special. But anyway, I just wanted to how years was doing great. And I'm sorry about your loss. There's terrific pets. I was house trained. He actually uses litterbox like a cat. I'm serious. I'm serious. Have you seen the electric cat boxes? No, I think these are the most phenomenal invention. The cat goes in it. And there's a laser beam. So when it's done the laser beam activates his claw that drags through the sand and dumps it in a little container. Amazing thing. And if you're rabbit could use well, well, I'm gonna look into one of those. Yeah. Great being house trained. Definitely little raisins all over the house. Great talking to you. Tom you too. Thanks. All right. We will come back with more amazing calls it only. Coast to coast AM listeners can deliver back with more right here on coast to coast..

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