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You are listening to talking machines i'm katherine gorman neil lawrence and today i wanted to talk about something that feels like a big shift in terms of community issues nips is changing its name will is it a don't know if it is snake change has been mooted is the situation think house come up i think in the community that nips is perhaps not the best term for encouraging diversity it's a racial slur and is also short for an amitav ical aspect of the body nipples we should just call the conference nipples we just i know i mean okay i think i actually the thing walls that you know the original site the dot com is not say you wanna go to and every time i used to attend to conference when i was in sheffield one of the administrators would giggle so what was interesting to be is that there are parts of the community and that makes them feel uncomfortable and i think mm the booted name changes as result to see how keep that feeling runs and whether name should be considered we should say a couple of weeks ago nips dot c c which is the the official website for the nips conference put up a little statement that says nips name change and it says in the context of diversity issues the nips executive board is currently discussing the possibility of changing the name of the nips conference we have formed a committee to examine all aspects of this question and at the end of may after the nips emission deadline we will ask the whole nips community for input and suggestions for potential new name please be patient until then so we have this public opening to to the question right like we're we're talking about it now so and i on the executive committee so i have to be careful not to reveal that but i mean from a personal perspective i just was very interested in the debate and see the pros and cons i mean qalilya is a big change things don't normally change the name i mean there is precedent for it i didn't know if people know jogye used to be called swift side causal ss and it was suddenly seems appropriate to change the name from saudi became s jagua and then it just became jagua now this is clearly not that extreme but i think when a community is being asked to look at diversity and there are issues like this raise i think it's only responsible to do so i don't think personally how to strong opinion either way because i wasn't necessarily one of those of have not faked it i'm i'm like i'm like non diverse personally i mean we're all personally non diverse but i'm not i don't think my presence at nips is like particularly adding to diversity unless less we think told british people is the underrepresented minority so you have been that situation i'm always interested in hearing what opinions i know this sunday counterarguments in terms of you know you're changing the branding it's been there long time it's etcetera i think there's a sense in some people feel politically correctness gone mad and then there's arguments that i sort of well you know if this is making a significant like bush of potential didn't feel uncomfortable and i i think a colleague mention that quite often in the media it's it's listed as the unfortunately named nips you know i definitely wouldn't have triggered the debate myself i think it's great we're having the debate i love hearing other people's opinions and you know this really important members of our community that feels strongly about this i don't feel a right to feel strongly about it in the opposite direction myself some some apparently do but i hope it can be sort of understood that you know this is about making as many people feel comfortable with tending which is an open conference to encourage the bay and we want the full diversity of of us and maybe it makes it hard when you have that debate somewhat in the open but if we all just went to decide in you name to hind close rooms as well as close rooms closed doors smokefilled close tools i don't think anyone smokes in just don't.

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