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When the wind rises, George. You lost your cage Georgie way completely had. I not been holding onto the other end of that string. My goodness Anna Bill have you done to your clears? You could grow garden it that much swelling, John it's just as filthy names because she's Mary Poppins now lovely so much. Do you really think so nice to see check to see you to Mary Poppins? As we know it just seems really good. I just texted my wife and said don't see Mary Poppins good thinking because my daughter wants to see it. And I could see them sneaking off to the theater for a matinee today. No, don't do it Disney. Troy murray. Disney try to produce a sequel a year after the original. But it was rejected by the author. So the author of the book and Emily blunt, by the way, did not go back and watch the original story, the original movie, she just based her character off the book, fun, right? Okay. Line. Line one. You're on the Donald c show on mytalk one more than what you got. I love you. I met was that was very funny. Michael in the office. Okay. Yes. Yes. My second. Alexei yesterday. And I cannot get it. Get her one zero seven one the magic phrase. There is a way that you have to set up like a flash briefing. So do a little Google of how to add a radio station to your Alexa, and it should tell you that. But you have to enable these skills for Alexa. So you need to somehow. There's there's just a little bit of a technicality at the beginning is how you add it to your flash briefing. So that then you can say, hey, Alexa, play in the dirt alert for mytalk something like that. Or plays. Donovan I can never.

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