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Guys, I do want. This isn't that bazaar calicoes to tear it down and trade marriage before he becomes a free agent. And in Philly you mentioned Philly there. He makes too much sense. They've been looking for a shooter they tried to get into mind bielema. They thought they had a four Nikola miratec that is juicy with their big three plus JJ rhetoric. They wanna big to. Yeah. He can switch. You can flip a series. He's the he could be there. Marco Bill Elliott sign Ilyasova. He's injured that's the problem. But he saw what he did at the pelicans last year. Trading them for Markelle Foltz works financially. You can sell him. I think to the pelicans friend or fan base. Yeah. This guy's never went pick. Yeah. Well, he's he's the Anthony Bennett. Cast wolves Sixers three-team deal for sure. Number one, pick their sure, but just do it. Okay. Would you get more? Can you get more than Markelle Foltz for Marich expiring deal? I doubt it maybe. After throwing a pick to I don't know. But I like that one you were working the trade machine you said on the right in your having problems. He said, I'm terrible at the train machine. I'm not going to a never gonna do three team train. There's no. No way. Lucky get thirty six salaries to try and figure out where these guys are going. So I just had to keep coming back to CJ McCollum Jrue holiday traits 'cause they're both like, you know, about twenty five mil so you can find guys really easy to like a combination of like you could trade CJ McCollum for Thaddeus young entire week Evans. But this is why I'm bad at the trade machine because. Exactly like Bill. Simmons is the Picasso of the trade machine. I'm like..

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