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Fisher house foundation my name is Kerry Childress on the vice president of communications for the Fisher house foundation I was fortunate enough to have a job at the VA in Palo alto California which was one of the four public trauma centers for the most severely injured men and women were coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan and I was there before and I was there after Fisher house and they saw first hand the difference it made not only to the families and to the service members but also to our staff at the hospital prior to having the Fisher house we're sometimes thrown into a situation where they had to either do what was right or do what was legal and they would literally just kind of turned a blind eye to the spouse could sleep in the room with her husband versus her car literally her car because as many people know a hotel in the Palo alto area starts at about two hundred tonight and these young families just simply did not have the money and we were all perplexed on how to help these families because the VA one allowed to spend money on families by law and so when we built the Fisher house it truly was like night and day it was amazing how much stress that Fisher house took off of the families the service members and our staff it was also pretty amazing to see I knew there would be a lot of the stress of having to pay for a hotel would be gone I didn't realize until after it was built by and watch the families that it became a healing place for the families as well because you know when a service members injured or becomes ill it's not just a service member that suffers it is the entire family unit and the whole family has to heal and they need to do that to gather and so not only did they have the service member close behind where they could be together but they had another family or two or three that we're going through the same thing they were going through I watched them they were crying on each other's shoulders they would celebrate the great times they bonded in a way that you see with families and so many of them went in alone and came out with a much bigger family then the ever went in with I I give you a story that illustrates that really beautifully we had a marine who was very seriously injured shot in the head and so I had a very serious traumatic brain injury and with him came as a nineteen year old wife who is eight months pregnant and no family I saw within my as saw myself that within days this young lady have more moms and more grandma's than you can count and it was the mother of another marine who is being treated with poly trauma center there at the hospital who held her hand with our baby girl was born and that baby's first home for six months with the Fisher house and when they laughed they had to rent a U. haul for all the presents the have been given this baby by the other families of the Fisher house that would never have happened in a hotel that happens though on a daily basis in Fisher houses across country I'm your host merry Walter in Washington DC and we wondered what standards does Fisher house live up to his chief.

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