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Bald men on campus. With Jay billis, Ellis and Seth Greenberg. I'm Seth Greenberg, and as you know, courtside had a pretty good rumble. We got a new podcast coming up. It's gonna be really good. Bald man on campus with my cohorts. Jay billis and the great lafont so Ellis. Now think about this now. You're talking about three guys that look at the game of basketball for different prisons. Obviously, I coached for 33 years. The fox or Wallace, by the way, he was not a good player. He was a great player to it, the NBA player, and he is going into the Ring of Honor at Notre-Dame, one of the great arms you can get as a basketball player, Notre-Dame. Terrific background from a player's perspective. Ring of Honor for the great Alfonso and by the way, Jay billis is Jersey is hanging in Cameron indoor stadium. Not in the rafters and coach case bathroom, but you know, it's still hanging. Jay Phillips will look at the game, obviously for both their player and coach at a perspective that global perspective he has on the game. It's going to be a great conversation to have great guests great banter. It's going to be free spirited. And this is going to be great called basketball season. Think about this. Coach case final year. Yes, it's going to be a story each and every day. That's just the way it is. Kentucky, are they back? The impact of the transfer portal. How impactful will these transfers be? And then new coach is a new place, whether it's Chris feared, whether it's you for Davis taking over at North Carolina. Where it's Mike Woodson going back to Indiana. Shocker smart's gonna do a great job at Mark Ken. You've got Tommy Lloyd at Arizona. The season is around the corner and we're going to bring you inside college basketball. Bald man on campus, follicle challenge, but brilliant, no less. To learn more, listen to my guy, Jay billis, and Lafayette Ellis. I'm Jay billis of ESPN. I've been on college game day since it started. I've been on bald men on campus on the ACC network since it started. And from the inception of bald men on campus, the podcast, I'm gonna be here from the birth of this great podcast until it's untimely death, not sure when that's gonna be. It could be soon. And I will find some wellness. I'm gonna be Jay and Seth's bald head brethren and I can't wait to get started on our podcast. The energy that we have the chemistry that we have. The forwards of bringing that in a podcast version with some of the latest college basketball information and Jay, I'm excited about two bigs in the country this year that freshman duke has one Gonzaga has one. You know, I'm all about the big shape. Well, thank God you are that somebody will talk about the big guys because this is a guard dominated business. It seems like all the guards go into coaching and they go into media. We might be the only big guys that are working today, but with bald man on campus, the podcast, lafonta, what we're gonna have is the three of us bald guys have well over a hundred years of college basketball experience. 80 years with Seth Greenberg and then you and I have ten, ten years each of us to a hundred. And one of the things I'm looking forward to most is that bald man on campus will take you inside the huddle, will take you inside the locker room so far inside you'll get the stench of Seth Greenberg's old gym bag from fairly Dickens. And we'll have the best coaches on our podcast, the best players, and we'll discuss things far and wide, not only in the game on the court, but off the core issues of the day and we'll also get into the things we've eaten on college game day road trips that we shouldn't have eaten. The things that Seth feels most guilty about on a Monday. And we will make sure that we wash our hands in the process. Yeah, I am looking forward to not only a great season, but I think we're going to have two great teams to start the year. That doesn't mean they're going to be the best teams at the end, but Gonzaga and UCLA have played that epic game and the NCAA tournament last year. I think you're going to be the two best teams to start the year. UCLA has everybody back and then some and good saga is loaded again. I don't know how Mark few does it, but Gonzaga and UCLA, this is going to be a West Coast bias year. We're going to be talking about the West Coast and the Pacific time zone from the jump. And I look at your Alma mater just getting missed that much on this is 1995. I talked about earlier some pigs and some freshmen that are coming in. How about Powell and Cheryl, 16 two 40, knocking down from being played with this back to the basket can actually change speed change direction, a really good passer, him on the front line with Mark Williams who had a breakout gear toward the end of the season last year could be one of the best front courts in the country. Yeah, the most compelling front court since Jay billis and Mark alley played together in the mid 80s, so that's going to be a great year to do. But it's going to be a great year on bald men on campus, the podcast. Don't miss it. I don't know where you go to get it. But wherever you go, go..

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