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Lot on europe light that's more talk at you've got have big monday coming to morgantown with the kansas and west virginia set the square off tonight there's a fourway tie for first place in the league kansas west virginia texas tech at oklahoma are all four and one of course monitors coming off that loss at lubbock from saturday when west virginia players got involved in a couple of incidents with taxes tech bans who would rush the court following the red raiders win wvu athletic director shane lyons said in an email sunday that events were still under review by west virginia texas tech and the big 12 conference and as of now no disciplinary action has been taken regarding those incident so the mountaineers set to play kansas tonight nfl playoff what a game to cap the day as the vikings trailed at home against minnesota and the vikings were down to their final play case on a deep drop steps up in the pocket no to the right side caught by are you built still eggs rao paul allen with the play by play call on the minnesota vikings radio network one of the most exciting plays an nfl playoff history stefan digs go sixty one yards on the final play the vikings defeat the saints twenty.

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