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Of the putin's staff and look the substance of the g seven and nato in the eu stuff and it's not even close like what matters more at the end of the day like this was just like a dramatic high profile thing because it was putin and because three years ago trump an absolute mess of their summit in helsinki. Well we're not probably not going to solve this disputants and so i'm start to finish. Hold on a. I know i know it's okay wa wa wa look i. You're i think you're both kind of right. I think we are to i. I right. I was gonna be nice to you for a second there. I don't want to because. I'm being a little arrogant guy over here. I'm one onto here. i gotta do. I saying i agreed with bovine. Go ahead i think you're right. Alex the east maker. I know for once. I think you're right. Alex that the meeting does not have like clear deliverables in that sense over hyping the pageantry and the symbolism of it in the press which happened like to a wild degree in the american media especially right. There was a lot of stuff about how by like one up to putin with. You know some kind of symbolic gesture or giving him aviators or something like that. Which is one of the formal gets it gave him because aviators are obviously joe biden's sunglasses but sunglasses they're associated with the us air force heads people who could bomb putin in the future right and people like. Oh what an own. I don't know who cares right to. I don't think but in terms of in terms of practical politics it's meaningless And it doesn't like attempts to like display macho dominance even through subtle signals. I find annoying and kind of pointless as a diplomatic mechanism. So i really think the symbolism of this was not s- nearly as important as a lot of people are making it out to be on the other hand. I think the point about trying to de emphasize. Russia policy cuts both ways re putin needs to be dealt with. You can't just like ignore russia. Because then russia will do things that will make you not ignore them. We'll force you not to ignore them. You have to come to some kind of arrangement with the russian government that limits their stabilizing activities to a degree. If you want to focus on other things and not just trying to solve the problem of russian destabilization which i think is probably not solvable and certainly is less important than what china is doing right now or you know a number of other foreign policy issues like copepod and so you need to have. I think some kind of expectations setting arrangement with the kremlin early on in your presidency. That like we will not spend too much time on russia policy if you don't do x y and z things and i think biden communicated that as far as i can tell fairly effectively in this meeting by elevating it and highlighting it. You're setting the terms early on that. Should allow you to move on and do other things right like. I don't think the amount of press attention that the scott meant that the biden administration has stock on a path dependence route where they have to do more and more russia stuff. Actually it's kind of the opposite like we've cleared the russia hurdle maybe depending on events. They may get sucked into it. But that really really can't depends on events. On what putin does i think what they were trying to do was to get this out of the way create expectations that they wouldn't do things that throw the entirety of the new administration's foreign policy off course so they can go about their china focus foreign policy that they've been trying to execute since day one in the spirit of of of comedy but com. Why because i can't make it sound like other than comedy. The laughing like i do. Think the word. Yeah and the interest of james comey. Yeah i do. I will concede that there were some benefits right like i think it is true by having the summit now if putin does something you know america can go well. We tried like we talked to them. We also talked with our allies like we did our best now and we respond. We can do so sort of in concert and do what you just. Zach is is accurate to like we get sort of rush out of the way and we don't really have to think about it as much anymore but what biden has really done here in my mind is like kind of put his european fortunes and putin's hands which is not really a great thing to do because even though biden downplayed what may happen down the line. He was like look if three to six months from now. Like we'll see if any of this stuff but like that's not a great place to be something you wanted to hype up like. We'll just see if putin is going to change the behavior down the line and if not like we'll respond you. Elevate that you make that more of a problem for yourself when you do it in some form and not sort of behind the scenes diplomacy or even like a one on one by latte like on the side of some sort of like at the g twenty this year like he could've done that right. You could awaited dr putin until then probably just now whatever putin does it is somewhat in defiance of the us now response is going to have to be so forceful and so like in concert with allies will look like. There's just no way to come back from that and create that stable predictable relationship over the next four years. I to sort of like to me. It felt like the us sort of lost control of the situation. There was a moment or biden went. Yeah russia's doing this bad stuff we do need to get him to stop and they chose this option but the end result is like now the balls putin's court and i don't want him playing basketball..

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