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Yeah that i he used houston writing he was taken the high road whom awesome that's the day had to play golf army for real i know today pro avid out there he getting buckets in in shooting his birdies and bogeys two probably but komo bre now that day the golf course will be there than ceremony i'm one time um once you know what it is yes thinks yeah you know what i mean i who knows who knows what the backstory as i mean we can gas we can speculate but you'd wanna have you guys are the guys it helped you do that in the guys that are part of that on a press regicide waved the re it at like your you're was one of the three and the other guy was one of the three harari her stuff let's stuff i i want to go back to what we're talking about with the bronwer portwood paul gis said right there that lebrun look like he was having fun again the guys would listen in when it get into that a little because they look like i mean there was look again exercises the took place when they when they did that trade will do that next more cells in foreign them espn all i so paul pierce said very very he looked like uh it looked to him likely braun had gotten his merger back um it it's stupid in like you're saying it it's cliche but that doesn't mean it's not true if you show to work and you're fired up to be around guys you're going to be better you're gonna you're going to have that bounce you can have all of these things and there at team with i t t with some of those other guys it looked like everybody had the stomach flu their own life i hate you know i feel i've got a feller you hey everybody all roses though delighted his kit skipped saab look at me and just bringing you some you just get out of yet on what you're and everybody was looking at each other like that they take the trade.

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