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Hollywood okay all right yeah excellent acts right out your window there yeah I'm not rob a store and then get on the freeway and take off well that's usually what happens that's what you would think that these guys would have done right maybe not knowing Burbank because they weren't from Burbank they went a different direction the police fanned out they were last seen on foot and and they put out a description of these and a gentleman right what do well they were on foot originally and then they got into a car apparently a couple of buddies were there of theirs were waiting for them I have a couple streets so they got in a car and thought they would leave are you in a different direction so what was a robbery yeah well they they had a gun they use a gun to commit their crime and have we got a couple hundred dollars and some lottery tickets and they all my colleagues apartment responded with a half a dozen units and they didn't area search they had a near a helicopter overhead within seconds and they searched everywhere and couldn't find him and home maybe ten minutes fifteen minutes down the hill the clock goes by an officer learned officer Jesse horn is sitting there Alameda in victory and looks to his left in here for the four suspects that they describe from the summary good night well he he pulled in right behind him in him in Danish unix stop and several units he was alone he Nishida Safin backup units arrived in Chernoff they have their suspects in custody now that's an advancement charge if you're gonna use a gun in a crime yes yes well while they were bringing the witnesses by from this out of the seven eleven to positively identify them the tone alert goes out again for another armed robbery oh my god what happened all three blocks from where the first armed robbery went down had to politely right down in house in riverside Dr and this one was an armed robbery at the store and then when the suspect left we pulled a knife on an employee that started chasing him and he got away well he thought he got away then again they have the helicopter looking around everything and he didn't get any cash I don't think on the second one right he got he was a couple blocks away and while the Burbank police officer was fan in outlook and Justin Bob Broderick Burbank police officer spotted I stand on the corner at Hollywood land all of while they bring buyer from chipotle and sure enough it's a white suspect that's amazing yep they were all taken into custody two armed robberies you know Jim within minutes of each other how are you yes within fifteen twenty minutes of each other you know and then the thing is these guys come into Burbank in the police officers are everywhere you know there was a helicopter in the air they got guys on the ground there alert they're quick don't remember right they should be doing yeah well you know I know look at look the these cops make me nervous nine and I am usually not both of the law that bad but they these guys are everywhere and and I I see them you know I I once or twice a week you know hauling code three up by either Oliver Verdugo and then these guys are moving so the message here is if you're going to commit a crime don't do it in Burbank because they'll they're gonna get you every time exactly they it is yesterday is proof looking to armed robberies are guys looking guy they encountered one of the suspects car with the robbery from seven eleven they were from Los Angeles came into town well they could do their dirty deeds now that serve their clients there you go hi Ross are really appreciate coming on such short notice great job last night following both incidents are a lot of great pictures there online as well go to my Burbank dot com and check out Ross thanks a lot talk again soon Bob okay well are you too all right there goes that's a great resource for people at work or live in Burbank I know if you know this but Burbank is a hundred and five thousand people but yet two hundred thousand people work in Burbank it's the only city in California the doubles in size every single work day so a lot of people work right you know Disney Warner brothers a lot of studios Nickelodeon lot of other studios that that I'm probably not mentioning because I've for god or you don't know and so if you commit crime in Burbank they got a lot of resources and people moved to Burbank because of the schools and the cops and they still respect the cops in Burbank and they support and so not a cool place to crime because you're gonna do the time and this guy these guys with the armed robbery special enhancement using a gun why you do it and you're looking at probably I don't know if it's your first or second offense maybe twenty years but if it's your third striker you know if you've you've been here before you might be looking at the rest your life it's not worth a hundred Bucks or two hundred Bucks and a lottery ticket all right it just isn't all right we're live we'll take 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