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Of the US soldier apparently being detained in North Korea is hoping he gets to come home. We don't know what to think about it. Sager, Mangani, Washington. Police are now casting doubt on Carly Russell's kidnapping claim after she claimed to have seen a toddler on side the of the highway. I'm Lisa Dwyer. The president of Israel addresses the United States Congress. It's confidence in Israeli democracy. I'm Clayton Neville. There are more allegations beyond football of hazing within Northwestern University's baseball and softball programs. I'm Ed Donoghue. Chris, the new news, political future on Wall Street. Investors are calling the rally a bull market. Netflix out with mixed quarterly results. I'm Jessica Edinger. California high speed chase ends in suspects arrest all ahead on America in the morning. Yeah. It's now seven after the hour. More details are being learned about soldier the who bolted across the DMZ and entered North Korea, including that he was held in a South Korean jail for more than a month and was supposed to fly home and be discharged. Washington correspondent soccer Magani reports the family of the U .S. soldier apparently being detained by Poyn Yang is hoping he gets to come home. He was on his way back here to United States. He was on his way home. it So don't make no sense to me. Something just got to be going on in his head to make him like feel he need to stay there or whatever. Like, I don't know. We don't know what to think about it. Private Travis King bolted across the border into North Korea a day after he was supposed to return to a base. Texas I know he in a real bad place, a bad situation, and I'm hoping that they let him come home and he'd be back around his mama or give him some help or something like that. Myron Gates, King's uncle, says King joined the army to do something positive. King was headed to the U .S. to face discharge after serving 47 days in a South Korean prison on an assault charge. He's the first known American held in North Korea in five years. He's trying to be like his brother. He was like he wanted to do something positive. So that's what he chose to go years. to the Gates says his nephew needs to be around his mama and get help. I Real bad place. Sagar, Mangani, Washington. Nine after. Police in Alabama are now now casting doubt on Carly Russell's alleged kidnapping after she claimed to have seen a toddler on side the of the highway and went missing for two days. Lisa Dwyer has details. A 25 year old Alabama woman who disappeared for two days after calling 911 to report a toddler wandering on highway the told investigators she was abducted and forced into a car. Detectives are still investigating where Carly Russell was and what happened to her between the time she went missing and her return home on Saturday. But investigators have been unable to verify most of Russell's initial statement. Police say that in the days before her disappearance, she searched for information on her cell phone about Amber Alerts, a about movie a woman's abduction and a one way bus ticket from Birmingham, Alabama to Nashville, Tennessee. Her phone also showed that she traveled about 600 yards while telling a 911 operator that she was following a three or four year old child in a diaper on the side of the highway. I'm Lisa Dwyer. The president of Israel addressed a joint session of Congress yesterday and some members chose to boycott the speech. Correspondent Clayton Neville has that story. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy introduced Israeli President Isaac Herzog to the joint session of Congress. Members of Congress, I have the high privilege and distinct honor to present to you His Excellency Isaac Herzog. The president's speech came amid some concerns in the US over a proposed judicial overhaul in Israel that could limit the power of some judges. Some call it a threat to democracy. The president spoke about the plan. The momentous debate in Israel is painful and deeply unnerving because it highlights the cracks in the hole within the entire hole. But Herzog had a distinct message. As President of Israel, I'm here to the tell American people and each of you that I have great democracy. The comments came as some members of Congress opted not to be in attendance for the speech. There's been some criticism against Israel in Washington, including from Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, who spoke this week on the House floor. Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, Israel's own largest human rights organization, Beit Selim, all agreed that Israel is an apartheid state. President Herzog addressed the criticism, questioning the Jewish people's right to self determination is not legitimate diplomacy. It is anti activism. House Majority Whip Tom Emmer defended the relationship between Israel and the US. Let me be clear, any anti Israel rhetoric or action will not, it will never and will not be tolerated so long as House Republicans are in the majority. After his address to Congress, the Israeli president met with Vice President Kamala Harrison signed off on a $70 million joint investment on food security and climate. The Biden administration also announced yesterday it has a tentative agreement to let Israel enter the US visa Waiver program. I'm Clayton Neville. It's 12 after when we return on America in the morning. Unacceptable hazing at this major college university after these messages. Yeah. Hey, I'm Andy. If you don't know me, it's probably because I'm not famous. 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