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New album that you're doing with Blues Magoos off the same right now. We're going through email recording. Hey just recorded this your London play this board. Hello. I'm going to add this port just like you hear everything, you know from thousands of miles away. Yeah. It's in 15 seconds off. Yeah. Yeah. It's it's definitely it's it's a tough but people are are doing recordings that way now, they're collaborating online. Yeah a lot of work to do it but not doing it. What about today's music, you know, today's top 40 music. Are you into that at all? Do you still listen to it? Yes, I do. I I'm I have a young daughter to she said the last you know, eighteen eighteen years, you know, when you got the daughter of the car, you have to listen to their music and I if she grew up on Disney in Miley Cyrus, all that type of my daughter too, Georgia. I do appreciate a lot of that music that electronic stuff. Oh, yeah, the EDM stuff that the dance stuff Zed and all that. Yeah, that's comes from my r m d background. You know, I can understand you're playing rhythm and blues music. Yeah, I like that stuff to the rap not so much. I like some of it but mostly I don't you know, but but but the dance music, I like a lot. I always want to hear a rap song. I'll I'll say to the person listening to go man. I can't get that Melody out of my head Melodies really capturing wage. Yeah. The best ones there are ones that mix rap with dance those work. Oh, yeah. Yeah, you know like like these songs that have a rep break off. So yeah right out of mind that I don't my garage that works for me but straight rap stuff not so much, you know, but you know, I was a top 40 DJ, so we're all like teenagers that hard birth. And so I've never quite lost my interest even in the current music it always amazes me how people could work in that business for so long because they always say, you know, when you get hired at a radio station, you get home to be fired. Absolutely how many you handle changing jobs and so many stations. I was just a freak out or feel sorry for you guys, you know, well, yeah, you should finish it off. I was in it for ten years. I was in radio forever, but cuz I did research and Consulting for stations, but I was actually on the air professionally for ten years and I worked at seven different station, you know, probably all of a sudden the guys off the air right? Right. I've been through that more than once. I'm actually horrible it is they don't trust you to Say Goodbye Life. Yeah right there for everyone else. You're going to say. All right. We'll listen. Thanks so much exciting. It's so funny. I'm talking to a rock star and you're excited about talking to a DJ but I like the way you know, the music world and everything. Oh, yeah for sure. Well, thanks a lot. Super great. Thanks to Ralph's Gala interesting guy and thank you for listening to rpm45 will be back with another episode next Wednesday..

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