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First of all why there's no investigation in the Senate whatsoever all are there are people talking about things behind the scenes now with regard to Joe Biden hunter but Joe Biden hunter Biden let's let's revisit what happened in a really really cliff notes version Joe Biden brokers and Bhama got eight billion dollars to Ukraine in what they call aid aid okay one into a Ukraine mafia only arcs bank account bruised oil literally one in every dollar of it not one dollar is accounted for no one now that to American his crew stock go Joe Biden's kid on their board of directors and were they were paying him somewhere fifty sixty grand a month a month to be on the board of directors I seriously doubt he went to any meetings all I seriously doubt it any input I seriously doubt there were any conference calls Jersey guided anything other gonna check in the bank direct deposit they also put in the hunter Biden's business which was what's the name of it was the him John Kerry's kid another guy street of criminal started a hedge fund wealth management company I mean it's a scam whenever somebody says are doing anyway they dumped a hundred and I want to say sixty six million into that so for eight billion dollars and it was more than that but that's the that's the one I know about anyway hunter Biden's company gets a hundred sixty six billion he gets fifty thousand dollars a month every month and I don't I don't all these good anymore now here the same kind of sweetheart deal gone with China blisters forget about that for a minute so you with me the these guys game federal government money in the tune of eight billion dollars out of our tax money came out of our tax money or debt we're gonna hold through because the fed printed out but that's it and then the recipient kicked back hundred sixty six million in some fifty thousand a month for who knows how long but that's that's some pretty good deal if you're the recipient right you get a bill it was eight point six billion by the way eight point six billion dollars still have it that that that that money never came back so it doesn't it it's nothing is chump change for you to sell what you know what all right I'm going to invest in your company hundred sixty six million thank you for the eight point six billion by the way that's up but way more than fifty thousand a month a US salary whatever that's nothing that that's not even I mean they're making a motion interest on the eight point six billion dollar so that so what is that that's a eight that's eight billion six hundred million right so if you go to give somebody a hundred and sixty six million you're not even scratching the surface on the initial eight hundred billion right you get the point so the reason there's no investigation is I would I would go so far as to say not all of them but the vast majority of the horse pension thieves in DC have the exact same kind of scenario going up so with a crane but it's worth something it's was something to remember when I was about that second drive battery a one two three that got a huge of pilot government cash through sent a bomber and then went bankrupt remember that and it was a there was another one on a wind farm where they were they're loan the car loans long that's what this was supposed to be in Ukraine the those laws never get paid back in fact they're guaranteed so that well we have to have these people make this investment if we don't guarantee the loan through the federal government they will make the investment will create jobs get the scam now and then when that was done I don't know who got a kick back on that one specifically on the wind a farmer the a one two three battery or any of it I don't I don't know somebody did though somebody did though not that I'm sure what it was an eight point six billion but let's say for example it was a well well I don't know four hundred million somebody probably got the three hundred thousand dollars or whatever dumped into a Packer political donation or something or somebody got a job but look let's let's put it in and straight up we know where the money is terms Maxine waters lives in a four million dollar home the vast majority over immediate family they have six figure a year salaries to do what does analogous to Joe Biden US kid who does know anything get enough fifty grand a month you you you got that now see how this works it was obvious this is obvious that's why they're not looking to Joe Biden because of the ever open up that that's a cliche can of worms they're all guilty they're all doing it on one level or another John Dingell's got money he's got tons of money still left his wife Debbie is taking over for that we we expose out last week and that was all around bailing out GM and a bunch of other things with the unions you get it so what's up let's recap showing the first person to use that we'll work every year to Congress Republican and Democrat Republican and Democrat the vast majority of them do what's called bring in the bacon home meaning they go off to Washington and they bring money back from the tax payer trough which is the treasury the tax money collected and they don't put into a local district for a local something and then they get money for doing that plus to get their salary there are a huge drunken sorry that to keep one to increase with John Dingell a one point voted to get increasing every the congressman's name but he got down on a one year freshman congressman bullied him to the point of telling me would be here long because that guy voted against us are increased so you get the point now you see how it works sh sh.

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