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See him what's her name a hell helen mere and if she's insisted great i don't recall jim and now now apology modest two men like small role he can be embed don't forget hillary earned merrill strip until this all forget the great actors kenny brought of last weekend in music game debbie harry and anything deborah harrison isn't i like the no i don't i don't know but i know one on one body because allowed a big but i do like that know exactly what my actor really doesn't want to know what they if you're if you're actor supports you're not on an about your manner if they what they both route that i have never bulls michael enact through a musician said it but i do wanna know about that was the person didn't crawl maybe that don't mean the goal then i won't deny one off the board just like you i would not penn was a great actor but but you know after see in some of the thing that that thing we went down to the the drug dealers played did that thing off i don't want to go to the movies down on this point i'm not a big robert knowledge of the game because of his play as well he did have a pretty good straight now bobby you know lobbied robin nero i always so many terrible it's not a that go to lead example are invited to carry his time for trout after take it to the plate to go well he's i look at rosie as our transition when it's time to ruin a segment on we can get that yeah eleven battles and money on wednesday then my friends brought to you by the twenty sixteen you fifth at oakland hill's it's the one hundred sixteenth us championship see the best amateur golfers on the world monday august fifteenth or sunday the twenty first at oakland knows country club tickets on sale online a twenty sixteen us amateur dot com that's twenty.

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