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985 tech 6'9 985 sean i i i hesitate to to wager or weighed into this debate now horford the way he's been playing this year is this proof that the people doubting war for last year were right or wrong about horford in other words the people were boy now horford and going this guy's not a max player is the way he's playing right now evidence that he is which in a way would would downplay the season he had last year or was ever just ron wise season about al horford l for the result was max player because that's what the market was at the time that he was signed um as far as last season i think el who you understand by that logic that means evan turner is worth like whenever his contract is because that's what the market dictated okay so amax player in the traditional sense of your expecting a superstar line no and that's not what you're going to get from al horford but i look at el were put statistics last year i look at the ways that he hoped the celtics win games last year the fact that that team did improve significantly in the wind column and in the playoffs from what they did the season before in that justifies everything that you did for al horford now it angered people because the six foot ten guy herbs is he is he is 7footer it's a good question i'll tell you what he's officially listed i e feels like 6'10 he's officially listed ets 610 oca net feels about right yeah i think he's i think he's longer than he is tall it yes which is which is you know what we all strive for indeed but he you know people didn't see him getting doubledigit rebound games and that just angered people and as as someone who is a a a proponent of post play and traditional centers and back to the basket stuff and guys who were tall not a camping out by the 3point line that would be something that usually would make me bristle but i looked it orford i looked at what he did for this team last year and i i was buying it the reason that we're seeing the difference this year is because he doesn't have a point guard whose five eight is because he has other guys were also longer than they are tall at other positions on the.

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