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Let's move into the main segment for this week. We'll you're talking about the movie, Greta Evie tells a little bit about it, absolutely Mehta. So Greta stars khloe excuse me, khloe, grace merits. That's that's a mouthful as Francis. A young Boston transplant to New York learns why you should never ever be kind of people in New York. Work after finding and returning a lost handbag to a lonely. French widow played by the stunningly off kilter Isabel bear Francis becomes the target for Greta is increasingly untended efforts to keep Francis near her at all times. I was delighted to have Steven Ray in the movie for about five minutes because his patented hangdog expression was perfect any featured a damn fine American accent. So the foam is directed by Neil Jordan, who's probably best known for films like the crying game breakfast on Pluto and the butcher boy. I know that you were bored by this foam, Anita. I was the opposite of board. How dare you will action? Action to our listeners. You wanna do you to you want me to rerecord? Yeah. I don't I should not start this conversation. Okay. So when we Caroline, and I went to see it at the draft house in SF when I was at GD because the draft Osas literally the only thing I miss about San Francisco coach. True facts, y'all shoot back San Francisco sucks anyways, the draft house. Does these awesome? Like a pre shows. Oh, and they found footage. It's old movies. It's weird obscure clips, and they play it for about thirty minutes and their custom made to each film. And it's it's a delight. And so in it there was the trailer for what's the baby. Jane, what's? Yeah. Whatever happened is. Yeah. And and one like I was like, oh everything's gonna love this movie. Because if that's nothing that's like starting this off. But also men watching that trailer. Caroline, and I were like man, I miss trailers like that like not that we were alive when that happened. But well when did that movie come out, I don't even know anyways, you you were. You were. Whatever have unless unless if you were we need to talk about that right now. Yeah. Bill. Yeah. Correct. Whatever y'all I'm sick. I don't understand time anyways. But like there was something. So like, the just the style of that trailer like go watch it again. And I just I would love to see trailers. I like to see a resurgence of trailers like that. I think we should do an episode. That's all about trailer trash, let's do it. The other trailer. That was prominently featured derail you can't this special bonus content. Carro? Why wouldn't what why would you just talk? I wasn't talking about three show shore. Was it one of the trailer trailing? I know in the pre show. Okay. Fine, fine. It was prominently featured in the pre show, ebony wise, single white female shut. Oh, that's right. Yeah. Which I've never seen. But the trailer, you know, is very effective. I wish I could have been there with y'all this. I did not have a pre show and we watch single female. Sleaze. Let's added that calendar right now. Okay. I'm doing it and my recording. This intro. We just moving..

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