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Sitting area Why Mike Glad to. Be I didn't mean to do. That I. Apologize But it was kind. Of fun Seattle welcome welcome welcome so market continues to cool that's obviously the big national news or seeing it all over. Seattle times is. Running that constantly our good friend. Out there Constantly discussing kind of what's happening with, the market so what are you guys seeing out there in the market these days talk. What are you what are you seeing in the market different areas you mentioned seeing a slowing down in the market and that's with houses that are staying in. The market a little longer than the average and we're seeing about a twenty one day average on list time in that. People are gonna twenty one days and it's actually? That's, kind of nearing. The north, the norms usually about thirty days on market and, reach my twenty one days which is, kind? Of kind, of bouncing out but you're still you're, still. In a seller's market yeah seller's market, Mark I mean you're. Seeing it at your side of the area the area that you're working, as well right I mean markets definitely still moving through its paces don't you should definitely moving through its. Paces especially certain, price points but what's really great is, I'm seeing a lot of buyers feel empowered and that's something we haven't, seen in years in this area. And, when. I'm. Tracking. His days on market so. You know for a buyer looking at a house they want to make sure to find out from the realtor how many Days on market for, that house or look up on a particular website because I'm looking I'm seeing over half. The inventory in Seattle and over half the inventory in King County is over thirty days on market right now thirty days well that's a small record in and. Of itself right Michelle I mean what do you think about that well the good news is that even though the days. On market is at prices are softening just slightly? So, everybody's kind of. Concerned about, this days on market both buyers and sellers but, that really were still up over this, time? Last year, you know solidly when we look at, the. Numbers you know over ten percent up, price wise I know. Yeah with inventory I think what we talked about this on last week's, show but inventory increased by I think like forty four percent or some some large percentage of new houses. Hitting the market, which was definitely interesting I thought the, the market overall in general I started to see an uptick, in apple Location volume for purchases last week which I thought was. Very interesting because typically mortgage people are going. To see the uptick before realtors everwood so even though everyone's talking about things nationally that it's slowing down I can tell, you that mortgage applications at least for keel has been picking up and we're really positive about that so and August really when we start looking. At, the first part of August this is one. Of? The. First month, where prices are actually down over? The, month before overall yeah so folks there's a lot of cool things we're going to be talking about. We have not one not two not three not why, we did have four, four open houses that we're gonna be talking about. Today so, that's always exciting we're gonna take a deep dive, into those, properties we're gonna look at some, of the, marketing, techniques and, the beauty of the homes and everything else we're gonna talk, about square footage in, space and, why it may work out for your family so we're gonna be talking about that, and a lot of. Other things so give us a call at,.

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