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Of a layoff. He's he's fired. Well i think you're gonna see a big performance from him tomorrow. So that's those are three of quality grade one type horses Who are i think are all sitting on good races. And it's hard to for me to differentiate between them. I mean i guess if i had to lean i leaned slightly to smooth like straight. But i'm not going to use him only when i know how well hit the road. What what they're capable of doing so this is a great to raise with legitimate. Great one horses should mention to before we talk about the torrey pines watching the horses mill Around behind the gate at york in the festival the nunthorpe and golden pal even money on the tote and so we'll keep an eye on that for wesley ward and of course the uncle mo Coal out of lady. Shipman frankie dettori aboard and the torrey pines here are the three year old fillies on the main track and This is a this is an interesting collection to that Somebody's gonna come outta here with with great Stake credentials three nobody in. Here's ever want to a great at rates in here who you're hoping we're going to step up I really liked lady mystifies last couple of races. She's gotten ideal trips on the lead but You know i. I liked her win. Santa anita when she went against maidens fit came. Back pretty light on. She needed some time off after that. But you know she came back and won nicely pretty decent. I level allowance race. Those couple of other. You know decent horses that she beat that day. And i think she's capable of sitting and finishing. There's a couple of stretch out. Sprinters hero expected in front of her early And i i like her best There's certainly nothing wrong with private mission. she's going to stretch out and all of her Sharon to good raises one race where she got hurt again which was odds on favourite against the student and she needed a lotta time off after that and came back one well. She should be able to stretch out being in the midst of embroiled mayor. There's no reason why she shouldn't be able to get a mile here so You know as far as caraway off a long way off and one nicely. But she's also improving going to turn. So i'm gonna take the worst proven going to turns. Might even end up. Because of the i think far as caraway private mission might take more money than lady mystifying. So i'm i'm gonna give a slight lean delay demystified the trip and finish it off excellent and as they Continue to load and get ready to fly at York j two maiden races tomorrow of note the opener For the phillies. The two year old fillies going and a half and then boys Five and a half in the fourth There's some nice pedigrees. There's morse's with some expectations including Mirasol runs back for baffert and clearview. the arrogate out of just whistle. Dixie anything special to note otherwise. Two year old raises the fourth break. You might remember. I had mentioned you about forbidden kings. Yes ended up having to stretch out of scheduled debut and he's back in This is a this is a top rate. it's very well regarded horses making their debuts against him. But i know that he's you know he's plenty capable and he'd be an interesting worse. Obviously because of the spencer if connections so He's he's one to watch. But there's you know there's a couple of other well regarded and expensive purchases in that race as well. J. can't wait to see you. Thank you so much. Thea thanks jay. primm everybody. the are f and let's tune in and pick up the call. Pat white come on the nissan rail with cameron. Next amro's offensive flos pushing on dragging symbol the right to keep in touch behind these in ways as off the price bush's traveling on canada's trying to pick up on these leaders you better believe it will tell us to plays troy i receive cover-up jamie spencer travels while and chill chill inevitable fossil golden race and taking winter power it was in front inside the final achy drinking clear she loves it here all winter power the hazards who as they up to winter. Go second place. Then draw against symbol fulla chill chill through the bloated liberty beach. Well absolute Not a i don't want to call it in no show but golden powell was done Little past the midway point here and ends up I think probably seventh or eighth winter power semester desouza. Twelve to one for king power racing. Him easterby so A disappointment for golden powell We're gonna take a break here and are only one of the morning Were for only. We're only about Twenty three minutes behind. Let's take a quick break. Ernie perry's gonna join us from woodbine next and The rosa and scully. And by the way big scully did win yesterday at saratoga. I i thought that was going to be a natural Short price but I saw the to mention that scully yesterday. So we'll see if james bet Big scully then. Top of the hour. Ron gear kink from the daily racing form. And we're expecting a visit with joe harper before we wrap up to this morning weekend preview brought to you by twin spires. We're coming to you from a little bit of a desultory. Del mar right now The temperatures dropped it that it's cool and it's still heavily overcast but it seems like that's the mo and then by you know by late morning the sun comes out warms up and it's glorious back after this at the races. Siriusxm app apple races. With steve big on sirius. Xm radio there's a great story to tell in pennsylvania. only three states have produced more breeders. 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Equine can help you contact me. Joseph allante two one five five one six eight eight zero spills dot com cost effective tiny saving solution vendors rebel generate electronic chronic invoice springer's only vendors who can pay through horse bills dot com. Just fifty cents turnovers. Working of minutes with are easy to use such. Have our team take over your bookkeeping or continue to do it yourself. Any monthly subscription checkout or video tutorial on the poor students dot com youtube chip and get started for or spills dot com toll. Free number eight eight nine eight four six four. Three thoroughbred horse racing returns to the home state of secretariat when colonial bounds. Virginia conducts its summer season with a new afternoon racing schedule and minimum daily persons of five hundred thousand dollars. The season runs from july nineteenth to september. I was racing every monday. Tuesday and wednesday at one forty five pm. Mark your calendars for colonial down signature event. The great three. Virginia derby on tuesday august thirty first. All races will be broadcast on tv. This summer colonial downs now running. Monday tuesday and wednesday afternoons at one. Forty five pm forts..

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