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The brightest minds at the university of florida come together. Something extraordinary happened. Engineering empowers medicine data scientist rice. Agriculture geology fuel space exploration and artificial intelligence transforms learning and research. The ideas that go on to change the world. They're launching right from here. At the collision of big ideas and massive the tential something momentous becomes possible at the university of florida ufl dot. Edu alright atlanta. We have a very special guest. Were so excited to have. Svp of global marketing and comes from peleton. Welcome to the show dara. Tra- cedar thank you so much for highly so excited to be here. So darn getting ready for the show. Lex and i were talking about. We really need to get into like the peleton vibe. Let's do it dr. Da da da show now. You got me from what i've at that set. Let's do wearing tondo. That's very peleton right the slow zone so obviously we've all known each other for quite some time. We go back to the days when you were the cmo of ge ventures in the spirit of catching up dr in this new role at peleton. Tell us what your initial experience has been like. I love doing this on. You're doing it with old friends and so much more fun. And i mean it's been really great. I think that you know peleton is in such a amazing position because here we are motivating millions of people around the world trying to help them be active centered on connected. And it's really a marketer's dream. How do you make that happen you. What are the differences in your toll. Get that you use to motivate people and it's been a really enjoyed. Did we have such a wonderful team. So all credit all is coast to the team. And i think it's been incredible to see what we've been able to accomplish in just a short period of time and we're only getting started the feels like the whole world knows palatine loves peleton. You guys still have a lot of room to grow when we talk to our friends and family. They're like oh yeah peleton no question. I know who they are. I know what they do but if someone who doesn't know polygon i'm really interested in knowing how do you describe peleton if that's a really great question and i think at the end of the day what we're doing at peleton is were helping you become the best version of yourself a helping you with your physical and mental health and it's connected fitness experience so right from the comfort of your home you can get agree. Workout phenomenal workout. And that was not something that you could do. Before peleton came on the scene. I give so much credit to our founders and our ceo. John holy because when they came up with this idea with our founders. The world was like wait. What are you talking about me. i'm from my home. i'm going to get a great workout. And now the whole world knows it to be and now everybody's like oh. That's a great idea. I want to do that too. And at and so i think it's not that unmatched motivation right that you can get three connected fitness experience. That's what on brings you. And so you have that power whole combination of content and digital and hardware and software all coming together.

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