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From you. You're the pro. You're the year the trained professional. Now you've got to send somebody in the backyard and it's almost like starting all over sometimes. Yeah it. Is it You know I I was talking with Mike My tack awhile ago about that and he said you know the the problem is that you know you go to a certain amount of pools and any you're basically you're working all the time, and at some point just some work more than I wanNA work It's not really a business. You can double or triple your price because there's always competition out there. So where do you go from there? And it and it made sense what he said to me. Is You know I can hire somebody and? And train them, but then they're gonNA. Go out and try and steal some of those jobs or you know they're gonNA go out and start their own business after I've trained them, so it's it's a very tough industry at least from the outside looking in as to how do you? How do you grow and scale without giving your customers to somebody else giving the training for them to do a good job, so they would basically be doing the same work as you will. You've just potentially given them some aspect of a pool route I, don't know I think the. I think the. If, I was stepping back and looking at how you could grow without negatively affecting yourself if I was in that business, I would probably try and market a course on how to how to take your pools and try and get people in outlying areas out away from me, so we don't really have any any coverage you know maybe around the fringes, but you could have them mirror you for a while as part of the training, teach them what they need to know, and then let them go forth and their area to build their own thing and take. Either a small commission or something for the training, an ongoing thing if If you look at the big picture if you if somebody were to put together a good lead generator for people to find good pool techs because I couldn't find them. When I was looking at just word of mouth, you see somebody truck going by the now and you talk to a parking lot and see if they know what they're doing, but if you came. came up with a good lead generation type thing where your customers would come in from various areas, and you could assign them to these people. Somebody could start a good business without having it be franchise or anything like that just training training pool texts, having an area set for them, and then driving traffic to that area leads for pools.

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