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Challenges you face? I mean in my head I feel like you're constantly in a battle with the British weathe- is out that say. Yeah. Usually. The biggest challenges the weather because it's the only thing you can control. So! Yeah, forecast can give you a good idea, but occasionally not always correct. So every morning. You are you on BBC. Weather reports check in the weather and seeing what it is. South West London. Will probably have a by two or three weather up on the goals to be fair just? Checking against each other to say what were. So we'll have ABC. Weather will often met offish and we'll have an ally Graham Raider. So we'll be monitoring all free just to check on the tournament. We have the metal fish on sites, and we have Michio Francis well. Who can give us really good? Local weather for catch. An definitely our biggest challenge. And then the second to be also. One of our list is. Leads she she was wondering. The staff in the green outfits that come rushing onto the court when it rains they. Paul of of the grounds keeping stopped they. Just for the tournament, or how much involvement do you have with? Cool covering. The. The guys that you'll see on senator that rollout groundstaff. Unfortunately, we don't have enough grand stuff to put him on Rico. CLI-. Thinking surrounded by. One hundred sixty goal coverage. Not sure the whole. Bill the PISS well. So we'll have I. Find it, Robson. On some automakers to. Mentioned for the tournament. Shell tend to be UNI student to. Looking for On Jeb Few, guys come into the training Rom, and then they report to kneel. On a day to day basis journalism. On top of those. Show here. And Detroit sensical number, one call differently to the outside courts. Is there like extra extra measures especially attention? You know because if the. Situation. Does it make a different different challenge? Brings a different challenge because the stadium around eight shaw restrict flow a little bit. Restrict. As I, said before consistency is case. If we were to train those coats massively different would end up playing massively different. That's not not what we want. So we've lost airflow. We've shook lamented. With fans on light unit. But we'll, have on court one call eighteen. Assuming the bipolar show. Unique in that sense Chhaya. Rush probably. FM to call also. And I. When I've been at Wimbledon. I've noticed on the side of central. You've got the number that keeps changing when there's kind of rain in the air and I'd never noticed it before. And I think it was just A. Friend of Mine at Oh. Yeah, that relates to kind of how likely it is that they're going. Stop playing again and so we was always watching the number. Can you just.

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