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We are back with russ baker author family of secrets russ rafer johnson grabs the gun roosevelt grier is there the ex football player sitting on sir hand sirhan is there any doubt that the guy was there with a gun i don't think there is any doubt he did have a gun and he was going to a shooting range he liked to go to a shooting range so i think it's clear that he was there and as you point out those two athletes they had pinned him to a steam table in the kitchen he managed even after they pinned him to get a few more shots off what the what the psychologist and the other experts who spent more than a hundred hours over the course of a decade talking to him also a putting him under and trying to get him to talk while under hypnosis abbas davidge is that he doesn't remember any of this doesn't remember going there although under hypnosis what the established was and this is extremely interesting i think is that he apparently went to the embassador hotel that's where there's all these different election night parties were to go to another party he'd gone to school with the daughter of another candidate and he was a young man was interested in meeting on women and he knew there would be parties or would be women there so he went there and he recalls again i believe this is under hypnosis he recalls george and this guy is not a drinker but he recalls it he had four tom collins isn't he got imagine quite drunk any went to get coffee runs into this woman a very attractive woman in a polka dotted dress on yeah that's right that's right she then it says oh you need some coffee she talks to the bartender the bartender says take him to the earn to the coffee urn at that point she brings him into the kitchen where bobby kennedy is going to come actually she takes him somewhere else and then a man with a clipboard and a badge says you can't stay here he and he says take him to the kitchen it was very strange thing anyway they go to the kitchen they're in there and this is all what he remembers under hypnosis she seems really distracted she's talking him but she keeps turning to the.

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