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All high happy Tuesday Like to start the day by putting? A, thousand bucks Nichols no I imagine it. Would? Be a, cheque right I liked the composite maybe a couple of. Our listeners have won it. Is possible to win there have been winners and we hope you win this hour this hour's keyword is savvy one more time savvy s. a. v. y. s. a. Vivey y. text savvy to seven. To eight eight one. For a chance to, win a thousand bucks that number. Two texts seven to eighty one the keyword is savvy another shot at four twelve messaging and. Data, rates apply please do not text and. Drive So Few days, ago I noticed there were some fruit. Flies you know what fruit flies. Are, yeah things that I am from. Earth. Okay I know you don't think I am. I I've seen fruit fly in. The, kitchen like around the sink some. Garbage A couple of reflects that happens in the summer it happens right. But the kids have been, gone at camp I certainly have not cooked one darn. Thing, since they left the house. There's knowing husband is alive no food sitting out known as their fruit. Sitting out. Well there wasn't at this time he. Since, gone to Costco because he's the only one keeping us alive, thank God But but covered the. Fruit and plastic knowing. That we had this issue. A couple of avocados and a couple of oranges, covering covered in plastic that's not where the flies are so maybe it just happened a few, days ago and the. Problem has progressively gotten worse tonight when he went. Downstairs in, the. Morning he came back up he said there's. An infestation in our house now let's keep in mind I have not. Cooked there has been no, food he does make himself some eggs in the morning. Like, it's not like there's a. Ton of food laying their stuff in the garbage garbage disposals puzzle all. The time So I can't understand how. It's getting worse so this morning we took. Dress last night before we went to bed we took drastic measures we left out? We looked. Online what do you do for flies fruit flies we left out a Cup of red wine glass of red wine. So they would congregate in, the wind because we get drunk and they drown which is great and that was very effective except for the thirty thousand other. Fruit flies that didn't get to sip the wine the reason I'm bringing up this whole story is, because you have to help me our. Phone number is six five one nine eight nine nine two to six you have to help me fix. This problem so what what you're. Saying is there is a fruit fly apocalypse at, your house it is I fear I'm going. To go home and they're going to, be eating the dog. Like there, were quite a few so when. I, got downstairs I've realized. The severity of the. Problem and we just started. Doing our best to kill them and then we, got the vacuum so we just started scooping them up in the vacuum because they're pretty dumb, and they're pretty slow Hello Go to Clapham there the air between your your. Hands Up so you miss them but the, vacuum actually been very effective and we have vacuumed up probably hundreds. Of fruit flies and I don't know what to do I think we have somebody from the save the fruit. Fly association on large who they are not sympathetic creatures they are not in. The endangered species list and they are multiplying my home so quickly that there's plenty for anybody who wants a new home. Yvonne in Minneapolis might have some thoughts on this Yvonne, I know I sound like? A lunatic complaining about this but what should I do Is Yvonne on so can. We. Hear hold on Yvonne Yvonne hi, how are, ya. Please.

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