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It is no score bottom of inning number two in pittsburgh giants and the pirates derek holland throws and a called strike to corey dickerson who leads off for pittsburgh leftfielder former rockies outfielder having a great start to twenty eighteen here with the pirates hitting three twentyone slugging five twenty six five home runs twenty seven batted in the owen pitchy muscles wanted to right field kind of pop up along the line chasing after it and nobody's gonna get to tomlinson we'll fielded on abouts dickerson try for second he'll make it in there with a slide kind of man's noman'sland pablo couldn't get out tomlinson couldn't get there and a drop fair by a couple of feet mccutchen who the giants have play way off the line here at pnc park to guard a bigger part of the ballpark was just too far away free so that's the first hit for the pirates and it's a bloop double to start the second inning nothing nothing game david freeze will try to knock and dickerson for the first run of the afternoon the first pitch is off the inside a fastball missing holland who loves to pitch in that is what he does and if you do that against these pirates hitters who are looking launch that's what the pirates are trying to do these days you better get those pitches all the way in the one oh is pulled foul on the third base side one ball one strike account runner at second nobody out here in pittsburgh giants and the pirates.

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