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From npr and wbz. I'm scott tong. And i'm tanya moseley. This is here now. Right wing activists are expected to converge on our nation's capital for rally tomorrow and the department of homeland security is warning about the potential for violence and president biden in the thick of trying to convince moderates from his party to join him and finding money for the largest expansion in decades of the social safety net. Joining us for more. Is theo meier with the washington. Post and co author of the early two. Oh two newsletter. Hey theo donya. Thanks for having me. Thanks for being here. Well let's get right to biden's push for support. I hear. he is yesterday making his case to spend three point five trillion dollars on what he calls human infrastructure. I believe this is a moment of potentially great change. This is our moment to deal working people back into the economy theo. The president really needs every democrat to get this agenda through senators. Like joe manchin and kirsten cinema however are holdouts here. What are some of the compromises. The president might have to make an exchange for their votes while democrats are really entering a critical stretch. Here in trying to move there potentially three point five trillion dollar Reconciliation bill The president met one on one With both joe. Manchin democrat of west virginia and cinema democrat of arizona. This week and Talked about their sticking points Both of them are among the most moderate Or even conservative democrats in the senate and have raised real concerns about How much the bill would spend and how much it would potentially add to. The deficit mansion has raised concerns about raising taxes on corporations and others Necessary to help pay for the spending okay. So some of those are some of the issues that they have with this Human infrastructure plan and those are some of the compromises. The president might have to make who is going to bore the brunt of this who's taxes for instance are going to go up to pay for for this build back better plan. Democrats huddled all this week. What do what do we know at this point about this well. President biden has said he won't raise taxes on anyone who's making less than four hundred thousand dollars a year but depending on how exactly you define that That could be a difficult promised to keep house. Democrats this week for instance proposed raising taxes on cigarettes and cigars and creating new taxes on vaping as a way to help. Pay for this package White house press secretary. Jen psaki was asked about this this week and she said that she didn't think violated the white house's pledge not to raise taxes on people making less than four thousand thousand dollars a year even though most smokers are people who do make less than that amount and so i think the white house is really trying to parse how you know what You know could violate this pledge and And what would not well. There's a lot to watch for here with a little bit of time. That i have left with you. Let's talk about this justice for j six rally. Dc is bracing for violence nbc's. Disinformation reporter been collins. Actually talked to us yesterday and said that many right wing activists are are actually not going to attend. Tomorrow's rally in support of rioters arrested after january six. Because they think it's a setup for more arrests and and we know that president trump former president trump is is echoing. They're thinking saying in a statement that writers are being persecuted are republican lawmakers following his lead. On this you know. Congressional republicans really seem to be keeping their distance From this rally even congresswoman marjorie taylor green Republican of georgia who is among the You know furthest right and most provocative Republicans in the house has said that she is not going to attend the rally And senator lindsey graham told the new york times a couple of days ago That capital police officers need to take a firm line. And if anybody gets out of line they need to whack him. They need to back when we know that fencing now surrounds the capitol building and the supreme court So they'll be a lot to watch for What are you watching for. And what are you most concerned about. And i only have like about thirty seconds with you. Yeah there's definitely A mood of nervousness here in washington But i think it's at least possible that you know this rally will end up being you know less much less dramatic than the one on january six female mayor with the washington post. Thank you so much. thank you. California's agricultural products feel plates in wine. Glasses around the world but the industry has been hit hard by wildfires in recent years and to make things worse insurance companies are abandoning some of them putting a key part of the state's economy at risk cake. You daniel vinton reports the drive up spring mountain. winds through a burned out. Canyon at the top is a handful of wineries. During last year's fires some fared better some worse. There are several holes and things and that furniture on the patio at barron's family winery business manager. Shotsie throckmorton sits on an outdoor sofa that mostly survived. She recalls her. I drive up the mountain after the fire. What was hardest and it was just completely personal. Was coming from looking where the winery building had been. And finding these little talk skis. That used to sit on my desk and there used to be ann arbor over there. That's where i got married seventeen years ago but the moment passed quickly. You know once we got past that and thank god realized that we had a good insurance plan and we were going to be able to rebuild and we were going to be fine financially. That was a huge relief..

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