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All right. And now a quick note from our ZipRecruiter's smartest fan of the week. This is sage table data. Visit for cooter. Smartest fan of the week. Field Yates is my favorite member of six Owono because his mom makes the best snacks on play dates. Shell. Yeah. No. You were like all in. And then then. Yeah. By the way, Shane Lyons gates makes good snacks, as I gotta be honest with you also makes great Christmas themed all kinds of baked goods. She's the maestro square. I look forward to them coming in. I look. Raspberries. We're Buckeye from Columbus a big game on for on Sundays. So listen 'cause I know Patty. Buckeye, but those raspberry scores. Well, listen, I I know the I know that field sister, the lovely caddy. It's listens to every show. So listen caddy. Just a direct message from your pal Mattie to you. I don't believe field. We'll take any of these treats in. So I need you to figure out a way to get them to the owner. Mama gates treats, get them here to the six zero. Don't trust field with them. I'm just I'm just asking you also friend of friends what I can do. Let's get to the wide receiver agile. The we break once Smith for the saints was unbelievable last week ten for one fifty seven and a touchdown in week eleven now listen that nearly what he had for the entire season leading up to that point. This is the upside ad though. This is just trust the talent trust the offense. And heck they need somebody to catch passes. Besides my Thomas amongst their wide receivers they've gotten some solid contributions from David Kirkwood and Austin Carr amongst other players, and perhaps Brandon Marshall see some work here. But trick wants myth is far towns at anywhere else. They have besides my Tom's a wide receiver other than the two teams that played last night. There may not there's not a hotter. Offense in the NFL than the saints. You could argue there on. I mean, like, it's unbelievable. Just how good they are how dial than they are and trae Kwan Smith who impressed so much in the preseason. And we talked about how many rows he was running and Ken he can that translate reduction. We finally saw it translate last week. So certainly trae Kwan Smith there's a lot of upside there we've seen the number two wide receiver. Ted Ginn was what a top thirty wide receiver last week years something like that. So we've seen the number two. Yeah. We're live here field. And it's the holidays. My family would like not like me to get fired. So close to the holidays, but Trayvon Smith is certainly somebody that needs to be rostered in more leagues. Let's move over to Baltimore. No. We talked about Lamar Jackson. We talked about Gus Edwards. Like, you're all ravens this week this week. I have a little bit of positive one in Willie Snead. But over ten points in eight of ten games. So far this season. They threw the ball nineteen times last week. So I turn Willie Snead could be I mean, it might be this Matthew it might be that one ravens wide receiver proves to be fantasy relevant for each week that Lamar Jackson start whether that's just one more. Whether that's five more games or have many games they have left this season. So there are some mitigating circumstances here, but Willie seat has been so steady, and so solid. And right now, if you're going to have to fill in for a player, like tyreek hill or Robert woods or Brandin cooks like you'll be taking the hit. They don't just have twenty points per game wide receivers available in the waiver wire. But. You would take somebody that could get you ten. He there's a floor there..

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