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Hi Josh thank you so much for coming on the podcast again. So soon, hey, Jamie it's good to be back on the show I didn't think. I'd be back this soon. Look I know you've spent years looking at organization one hundred and twenty years. Rene got today Did you expect this to happen? I you know I was thinking back to when I first ran into Sarah Edmonson who was my childhood friend who I ran into in two thousand seventeen. Sarah Edmonson. We met when mover to. We went to the same daycare. Last. Summer Ranch on Hornby island British Columbia. I hadn't seen her in about fifteen years and we have one of those disjointed conversations you have as run after small children. I told her I work at the CBC. And she replied. I left to call. And at that time, you know nexium was in full operation they had centers across North America they were looking to expand into Europe he people were signing up for the self help workshops and today you know the the sentencing. Is the remarkable end of this dramatic unraveling of the organization that's happened so quickly, so you know perhaps. More recently I perhaps less surprised. But when I think back to starting to look into this organization, it is quite remarkable and and remind us what Raniry was being sentenced for today right so so last year in the same courthouse Keith Ranieri had a six week trial and he was facing seven counts which was found guilty on all of them and they range from sex trafficking to child pornography to racketeering, which is this this charge that's usually reserved for you know Mafia and criminal organizations but the prosecution made this case that there was a pattern of illegal activity happening in Nexium and that Keith was essentially a crime boss that was using nexium for his personal gain for For financial gain to procure sexual partners and you know a big chunk of their investigation focused on dos on the secret women's group inside the organization that women joined thinking they were joining a women's empowerment group and they handed over collateral in the form of of nude photos and explicit videos, and once they were handed over, they talked about how they were essentially blackmailed to Some of them were many of them were branded on their body with the initials of Keith Ranieri Remember you think. The Person Who's being brandon should be completely nude and sort of held to the table like A. Sort of almost like a sacrifice. And that that's a feeling of submission. some of them were instructed to have sexual encounters with Keith. And they felt that if they did not comply with those demands, they would have their collateral released and that their lives will be destroyed i. mean that's where the kind of sex trafficking charges come from, and so the judge having founder neary guilty of the sex trafficking and of essentially being the head of this criminal organization. What did he have to say today when he sentenced him to one hundred, twenty years? I mean he he first of all in addition to sentencing him also slapped him with a significant fine. I believe it was one point, seven, five, million dollars. He also instructed Keith Ranieri to have zero contact with any nexium associates which is very important for people who have left the group that WANNA see next meal completely collapsed and he was. Very clear that he was unimpressed with Keith Mary's lack of remorse in this case and and certainly that has played into the significant Just just how long this prison sentence is right and I want to get to his lack of remorse in a moment. But first, if we could spend a little bit of time talking but survivors here, there are fifteen victim impact statements that were read on Tuesday some pretty intense statements about how our nearly left many women traumatized and can. We start with the first woman to give a victim impact statement woman named Camilla. Who is she right? Yeah. She was just identified as as Camilla in the courtroom and her testimony. So heartbreaking, she was fifteen years old. She says, when Keith Barry I began sexual relationship with her and that relationship went on for twelve years and she says that she was She just had her her childhood and youth robbed from her that she said quote he he used my to do whatever he wanted with me not just sexually. But also psychologically, he manipulated me into what he wanted for his own reasons for his own pleasure and and you know I it is very remarkable to hear her case because it's it's her case that is the basis for the child pornography charges that Keith Rainier faces I, mean they the FBI found nude photos of her when she was fifteen on his hard drive So very heartbreaking to hear, and obviously I, I presume very dramatic for her to provide this testimony directly to. Him Right. I saw the New York Times was reporting that she was advised not to participate in the trial and then This was the first time that she actually decided to speak out on Tuesday I know her whole family is entangled in this as well. Right and her sister also spoke on Tuesday and her sister had been ordered to be confined to a room for almost two years because she apparently kissed another man. Yeah, that's right I. Mean it's a the the story of this family. So bizarre and so tragic and this came out in the trial as well that she was you know keeps manure he had sexual relationships with three. people in that family and this woman committed what they call an ethical breach, which was that you know if you're in a relationship with Keith Rainier, you're supposed to be entirely devoted for him. You may not be with other people and she had admitted that she had a crush on another boy and she was confined to a room for almost two years and actually comp the next. took away her passport. She's a Mexican national so she really couldn't leave. And was stuck there and that was. Her story was very powerfully recounted in by her in the trial last year written I understand the whole family has been torn apart by this Rainier apparently had a sexual relationship with.

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